Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hello ! Long time, no see ! 

I haven't been on in here in about two weeks which is probably the longest that I've lasted without blogging ever - yes, I couldn't even stay away during state exams two years back ! At the moment, I'm not really feeling the whole blog // Internet // anywhere thing. As per usual, it could be said that my absence and lack of motivation is down to my heavily anxious and exhausted state but also the fact that I have so many ideas yet it feels as if I have no outlet. This may be responded to with "but Grace, you have the Internet as an outlet" since I am forever yelling from metaphorical rooftops about how brilliant an outlet the online planet serves as for us creatives. But what I mean is that I live in a small-ish town, I cannot handle any social situation whatsoever, I am still stuck in school and the most of the people I know who are into blogging, photography, etc. are all online and living in different parts of country !

And it feels ungrateful to say that because if you're a frequent reader of Dainty Sprinkles or know me in real life, it's shouldn't be a surprise when I say that I appreciate all that so much - there are so many great things about living in a small town near both beautiful landscape and the sea, I try to embrace my lack of social skills and confidence, I view education with such gratitude and respect and I embrace having different interests from those around me ! But on the flipside, things such as living in a little town (I don't care how many people live here - there is still not a lot on !) and not being able to make use of any social skills I obtain can be draining, especially when I have so many ideas and all I can do is draw or write them down on paper - I can't drive them beyond the idea phase ! School is also draining right now because as much as I love all my subjects, I do not know how half the content taught in them will benefit me this time in two years and the more I view school with a negative attitude, the more I view the nature and atmosphere of the place as very competitive, pressurising and just a complete trap. And there's my essay on why I can't find the motivation or a reason to blog !

As for my outfit, I tried something different yesterday; it's all quite baggy and I am still not entirely sure of how I feel about the result. Something's been niggling at me for a while now, telling me to wear my Converse, so I did and felt like 2009 Kristen Stewart ! I haven't worn my wet-look skirt nor these tights in ages and I also wanted to wear my blue jumper - again, hasn't been worn in a few weeks - so it became my weekend mission to team them up in some kind of outfit. This is where my green crotchet-style tank top comes in - I bought it almost two summers ago in Penneys and have rarely worn it since. If anything, it's more like a beach cover-up but I always thought that it would look cute and granny-like over wooly jumper which is exactly what happened yesterday ! The jumper in question is from the men's section of Penneys which is why it it's quite bulky but I think it all came together alright in the end. On a final note, I'm still messing around with manual mode on mam's camera and I have a bit too much grá (grá is the focal {word.} for 'love' as gaeilge {in Irish.}.) for the colour blue right now, especially in photographs, which is why the blue tone in these photographs may have turned out a little too strong ! 

This month was quite enjoyable, in terms of listening to music ! I listened to lots of Borns again and highly recommend looking up any of his acoustic sessions on YouTube - they are amazing and an acoustic album needs to be released ! At this stage, I really can't decide between whether I want his voice, instrument playing skills or hair more. All three please ! I also spent a lot of the moment listening to the CDs I bought with Christmas money. Out of the four of them, Years and Years' 'Communion and Led Zeppelin's 'III' are my favourites. Both the albums are of such diverse ranges of style, etc. which is why they have been on repeat for the duration of the month ! I finally got around to looking up Foo Fighters' new stuff and it is so much better than Sonic Highways - at least in my opinion. A lot of people have been saying it's quite similar to their old stuff too, which I definitely agree with. Finally, I've been listening to Silver and Gold the whole time for the past week after finding a cover of it by a guy from Degrassi (we won't start on my 'binge watching' of Degrassi - working my way back through all the seasons !) and in a way, I kind of prefer the cover but I've also been listening to a lot of City and Colour's stuff and it's so amazing, very acoustic and folk. Basically sums up the type of music I've mostly listened to all month. I did start listening to a new song last night // this morning but tomorrow's the first day of February so we'll leave it until next month's playlist !

Grace x 

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