Sunday, 10 January 2016

Splashes with Black

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Two outfit posts in a row - what is this madness ! I wasn't planning on blogging this weekend because I'm trying to get my sh*t together, regarding school, my opinions of myself, general teenager-iness and this blog itself and my YouTube but here I am ! Because of my age, I'm obviously in constant conflict with my opinions of my self and my opinions of the world (I HATE EVERYTHING ! GOSH MOM, IT'S NOT A PHASE - I REALLY HATE EVERYTHING AND I'M A CRAPPY PERSON !) but right now I am really questioning and criticising everything I have done, do and will do with my head screaming "GRACE, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TURNING INTO !" which is really not helping so I'm just here waiting for the day that I am no longer an angsty teenager.

For ages I've been thinking that an all black outfit with this green coat would look so cool - culottes with this jumper in an ideal world - so I've been pairing up my basic black jumper and wetlook skirt. I love how simple the combination of a single bold colour and a single monochrome colour looks, yet it could still be described as a 'statement' kind of style. It also reminds me of the style of either the 1940s, 50s, 60s or 70s - I can't really define which - and  my nails are painted a kind of coffee colour at the moment which then gave me the idea of adding the scarf because of the bold and neutral colours, mixed with the white ! For some reason, the colours made me think of 70s fashion again, such as this and this. I've no idea why but I'm happy enough to mix all the colours regardless ! The mixing and matching of it all is strangely pleasing.

This is also the first outfit post in which the photos were taken using manual settings. I was outside for ages, figuring out how to adjust the brightness to a level where you could actually see the subjects and I'm just so happy with how it all turned out ! I think I get more excited when I succeed in experimenting with the settings on mam's camera than when I do well in a test in school, Oops.

One last thing before I go, Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen and I finally filmed AwkwardSprinkles videos on Tuesday ! I haven't actually got around to editing and uploading mine yet but we'll probably have both our videos up soon so they'll be making an apperance on here once they're up - prepare for two vidos of fangirling, complaining and goat puns !

Have a lovely week and thank you for the lovely comments on my last post too !

Grace x 

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