Monday, 29 February 2016


February has come to an end ! As always, I will thrown in the seven little words

I don't know where the month went

Up the chimney ? Down the sink ? Into my locker ? Hello February, where the heck have you disappeared to ?

As Februaries go, this one ended far better than the last few which was nice for a change. I'm not looking to jinx my luck but usually February concludes with me beginning to fall down a rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland and a cheesy metaphor in one line ? Go me !) but this year, I'm not only leaving this month but also that rabbit hole that always seems to be less than happy to release me of it's clutches. My very deep mind doesn't like losing friends. Because of this sudden outlook in both positive mindset towards my surroundings and I, as well as spring, I wrote a little piece that is more upbeat than usual and therefore may be considered extremely cliche rather than extremely deep ! You can watch it here.

For the actual purpose of this post - monthly playlist ! I feel that every song that I listened to this month varied so much from the others were also frequently played - you would wonder how one goes from listening to Fitz and The Tantrums to Black Sabbath in less than twenty nine days but that apparently is the jist of a most people's music taste (not the actual artists but the genres.) ! My favourite songs from this month's playlist include American Money which was played over and over for two weeks - a song that has been recorded in so many different ways, at this stage it never becomes boring ! The uplifting beat and bloody amazing video of Keeping Your Head Up and also Roses, strangely enough, the type of music that I wouldn't usually be overly into but it is an amazing song ! The Chainsmokers are slowly convincing me to listen to EDM again ! Finally, I was searching random artists on YouTube when I came across Paranoid and I all of a sudden had the urge to do bad air guitar because I'd heard it somewhere before ... This led to me rewatching Skins Season 6 where I remembered that the song was in one of my favourites scenes ever from the show - Rich doing air guitar, etc. around the house to this song ! The scene's so much more upbeat than others in the final season of generation three - one that was quite grim as all final Skins seasons go - so that is probably why I love it so much.

March begins tomorrow ! What is this madness ?

Grace x 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Majestic Midday

Currently listening to : Roses | Paranoid

Until Thursday morning, we were having a lovely spell of sunshine (I cannot possibly sound any more Irish than I do here.) and on one of those days - Tuesday - I was stuck at home with a lovely dose of conjunctivitis (the latter words of that sentence are of 100% sarcasm.) and not being one to stay inside on such a gorgeous, warm day, I ventured outside with mam's camera and my smaller digital camera (mine is the only on with a video function.) before lunch to snap the incredibly beautiful sky. I'm forever fascination by the drain pipe kind-of-things around our house and how they contrast with the sky when the sun is out, hence why they are constantly making appearances on both here and my Instagram. There are so many photos on my camera roll, I'll just show myself out !

I was going to try write something positive, etc. today (considering it is approaching a year since I burnt myself out organising a positive sticky note day. wow. go me. no.) but my brain has kind of clammed up for the weekend, in terms of creativity, so I should probably should leave it here for tonight.

Grace x 

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ribbons and Braids

We've returned to the darker photographs this week, although in fairness the sun was setting when these photographs were taken so I can't let any settings on my camera take any amount of credit for the lighting. This week there have been two consecutive outfit posts in a row, which mightn't bother anyone reading this, but it does bother me since a. I have my face up twice in a row and b. I love fashion but I also have interests in many other areas that I could share on here. That being said, I had a loss of motivation for the first half of this week - and just in general lately - so up until midweek, I had no ideas to elaborate into photographs and words. On Wednesday evening, however, I did begin snapping away and filming for an ongoing or on and off series that I really want to continue. Also, as we speak, the AwkwardSprinkles video that Aveen and I filmed back at the beginning of January is saving since I finally got around to editing it this afternoon. It's kind of long at fourteen minutes but it shall hopefully be up on my channel here either this evening or tomorrow.

I love the outfit that I wore yesterday so much - I felt like such a nineties girl, not just with outfit but also the little braids that I plaited through my hair. According to my twentieth century fashion book, little, randomly placed plaits in your hair was a nineties grunge thing, something to do with Nirvana fans. After a quick Google search, I found the image from the book here, although you cannot see the braids very clearly online. Anyway, I had the mad idea of wearing my little H&M pink and black bobbly top underneath my Penneys blogger t-shirt, which is intended to look a little mismatched. I had been wearing a different skirt all day which you can see on my Instagram here but I haven't worn shorts since the summer and because I don't wear jeans, I become way too used to hiding under skirts so when it was time to go to the cinema, I decided to venture into the shorts - kids section in Dunnes three and a half years ago. Nowadays, I just about fit into them ! Also, one last thing ! I wore one of the Penneys chokers that I talked about in my previous post ! It's officially my new favourite thing ever - chokers that look good worn loose are good chokers, okay. 

I'm rambling even further now but I finally got around to going to see Deadpool in the cinema last night ! I thought it was a good film and I did enjoy it, however I have enjoyed other films more ! Probably also the first time that I have recognised why a film has the rating that it does - those seriously gruesome parts ! Somehow, I have forgotten the details, probably because I was looking away !

Grace x

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Check of Hearts

Hello odd photo sizes all over the place ! A little editing was needed here and there. 
First of all, can we talk about my nails ! I had planned on crossed out hearts - the usual anti-valentines routine - on my nails but the hearts turned out so cute or とてもかわいいです that I just couldn't destroy my improved attempt at nail art by crossing them out ! So I went around otterly - we'll get to those puns later - proud of my nails all weekend, and it made sense to wear something that tied in with the nails so the New Look check skirt had to come out ! I haven't worn this skirt since Christmas which is followed by the questions why and how - both should be in capital letters - although I'm still unsure as to whether or not it's the kind of skirt that you're supposed to wear out casually on a Saturday afternoon but when has the barrier between casual and dressy ever stopped me before ! I also hadn't worn my Penneys fashion-slogan top in ages so that was pulled out and in case anyone is wondering if I freezed my arms off all day, I did wear my green coat ! Y'know, just to add that in there. I think it's an Irish thing, repeatedly insisting that you wore your coat.

Again, the whole jewellery thing. Same bracelets as last week (now tangled. Why does this always happen to me ?) but I remembered that my Topshop choker necklaces still exist and wore the black version for the first time ! I'm still not over the fact that the set of two were reduced from fourteen to two euros and what's even better is that today I bought a choker set in Penneys that I've had my eye on for a while and it was reduced to a euro ! A euro ! Speaking of sales and Penneys, I also bought a black floppy hat there on Saturday - again, something that I've been admiring for months - and it was reduced to three euros. And that is an essay on why I swear by sales ! And also how I plan on dressing like a character out of AHS : Coven from now on. 

As for the otter puns mentioned earlier, I have been on a googling spree since discovering a Foo Fighters // otter meme this morning ("WHAT IF I SAY I'M NOT LIKE THE OTTERS !") and now I am back singing "hello from the otter slide // I must have slid a thousand times // to tell you I'm otterly sorry". I altered the last two lines myself. Still very proud.

Why does this kind of nonsense always end up on here ?

Grace x 

Saturday, 13 February 2016


This lot of photographs were taken a few weeks ago and unusually, I didn't have some kind of story idea to begin with, bar drawing a 'q' on my face, beginning in my right brow and everything being of a colder tone. Add mirrored items, a window marker, a dolphin pencil case and a miniature flashlight and there, we have some kind of theme of the in-between stages of low self-esteem and high self-esteem !

For about the next week after this, my favourite new habit was using this flashlight (pictured last.) to create bokeh-like effects and bluer colours in every photograph - best fun ever !

Dolphin pencil case tells you to love yourself because sure, if you can't listen to yourself telling you that you're brilliant, you may as well listen to a fluffy animal with cute, sparkly eyes,

Grace x

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Blunt Frost

Currently listening to : American Money 

Last Saturday, I felt like one of those scene // goth girls // people with a decent sense of style on Instagram, in my black and polka dots. Taking two of the more unflattering pieces of clothes in my wardrobe (shapeless tank top and a skirt that only emphasises my odd hips, both bought in Penneys.) and making them, maybe, a little less unflattering. I've been trying to layer more so I layered the 'today is going to be amazing' tank top over my black velvet three-quarters length sleeved top (the most precious thing that I've ever found in H&M !) which turned out to be so comfy, although I couldn't tuck it into my skirt because it was all too bulky ! As well as layering jumpers and the likes, I've also got into the habit of wearing lots of jewellary again. In addition to my favourite Topshop sale chunky bracelets, I've also began wearing my spiky-like bracelet (part of a set in Penneys.) and skull bracelet (health shop.) again. As well as that, I still can't bring myself to wear my chord necklace (probably health shop.) to school since it's a rule of thumb that any jewellary-like stuff I wear to school is prone to becoming lost, but I'm enjoying it on the weekends anyway and I wore another necklace (New Look.) with it this week, yay !

Mid-term begins tomorrow and although my week is hectic and all over the place, I'm looking forward to having a little more free time to take photographs and finally editing and uploading the AwkwardSprinkles video that Aveen and I filmed over a month ago ! 

Grace x 

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Currently listening to : Out Of My League // Little Monster // Keeping Your Head Up // Oceans

A brewing up of creativity !

This did not really turn out the way the doodles in my notebook intended. It kind of went a little downhill after the first image I took which is the last to be placed here. I was thinking of the term "brewing up a storm" in relation to the process of creating little series of ideas from the imagination. More specifically, my ideas were focussing on how overwhelming a burst of creativity can often be (I had planned on photographing the top of my head surrounded by a pile of ideas on scraps of paper.) but also how frustrating creative blocks are. School can be such a bummer for creative people, as the majority of the learning and even right down to the presence of uniforms can suppress creativity on such a level ! Hence the attempt to pile schoolbooks on my head. Luckily, I tend to find school to be such an intriguing environment - especially recently - and I note or doodle ideas at any given opportunity so it's almost a positive for me in one sense. But at the same time, it leaves little time to develop these ideas or to turn them into things and I'm way too exhausted for anything at the weekend so school remains to be seen as a negative !

As a result of mocks taking place and mid-term approaching, it is, of course, the appropriate time for all us students to sit chapter tests in every subject ever ! Yay ! Monday is my only 'test-free' day and on Friday, I have two - that happen to be my only two weaker subjects - so at this stage, we are looking at a situation where I come home from school on Friday and go for a nap until it's time to return from the mid-term. But on a more positive note, there's only three weeks after that until the end of term, which is when we are given two and a half weeks for our holidays ! Non-sarcastic yay ! I should probably stop wishing my life away.

On an even more positive note to end this post, I finished season twelve of Degrassi last night and it was most definitely the most amazing season that I have seen on the show so far and I'd go as far to say it's the best season that I've watched of any series. For a teen television programme, the season covered so many important issues and dealt with these topics in a way that neither glorified nor dumbed down each situation. I also love how the series isn't as grim as a show such as Skins but not as 'bubblegum' (is that the right way to say it ?) as a Disney Channel programme or something. I honestly do not know how I didn't go to sleep balling my eyes out ! Instead, I went to sleep very happy - probably because I also started listening to a new Birdy song (which also has a brilliant music video, now that I remember !) - and I had a good dream that wasn't weird or sad !!!! Achievements !

Why am I even writing about whether or not I had a good dream ! I think that I'm just in one of those strange happy and hopeful moods,

Grace x