Thursday, 11 February 2016

Blunt Frost

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Last Saturday, I felt like one of those scene // goth girls // people with a decent sense of style on Instagram, in my black and polka dots. Taking two of the more unflattering pieces of clothes in my wardrobe (shapeless tank top and a skirt that only emphasises my odd hips, both bought in Penneys.) and making them, maybe, a little less unflattering. I've been trying to layer more so I layered the 'today is going to be amazing' tank top over my black velvet three-quarters length sleeved top (the most precious thing that I've ever found in H&M !) which turned out to be so comfy, although I couldn't tuck it into my skirt because it was all too bulky ! As well as layering jumpers and the likes, I've also got into the habit of wearing lots of jewellary again. In addition to my favourite Topshop sale chunky bracelets, I've also began wearing my spiky-like bracelet (part of a set in Penneys.) and skull bracelet (health shop.) again. As well as that, I still can't bring myself to wear my chord necklace (probably health shop.) to school since it's a rule of thumb that any jewellary-like stuff I wear to school is prone to becoming lost, but I'm enjoying it on the weekends anyway and I wore another necklace (New Look.) with it this week, yay !

Mid-term begins tomorrow and although my week is hectic and all over the place, I'm looking forward to having a little more free time to take photographs and finally editing and uploading the AwkwardSprinkles video that Aveen and I filmed over a month ago ! 

Grace x 

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