Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Check of Hearts

Hello odd photo sizes all over the place ! A little editing was needed here and there. 
First of all, can we talk about my nails ! I had planned on crossed out hearts - the usual anti-valentines routine - on my nails but the hearts turned out so cute or とてもかわいいです that I just couldn't destroy my improved attempt at nail art by crossing them out ! So I went around otterly - we'll get to those puns later - proud of my nails all weekend, and it made sense to wear something that tied in with the nails so the New Look check skirt had to come out ! I haven't worn this skirt since Christmas which is followed by the questions why and how - both should be in capital letters - although I'm still unsure as to whether or not it's the kind of skirt that you're supposed to wear out casually on a Saturday afternoon but when has the barrier between casual and dressy ever stopped me before ! I also hadn't worn my Penneys fashion-slogan top in ages so that was pulled out and in case anyone is wondering if I freezed my arms off all day, I did wear my green coat ! Y'know, just to add that in there. I think it's an Irish thing, repeatedly insisting that you wore your coat.

Again, the whole jewellery thing. Same bracelets as last week (now tangled. Why does this always happen to me ?) but I remembered that my Topshop choker necklaces still exist and wore the black version for the first time ! I'm still not over the fact that the set of two were reduced from fourteen to two euros and what's even better is that today I bought a choker set in Penneys that I've had my eye on for a while and it was reduced to a euro ! A euro ! Speaking of sales and Penneys, I also bought a black floppy hat there on Saturday - again, something that I've been admiring for months - and it was reduced to three euros. And that is an essay on why I swear by sales ! And also how I plan on dressing like a character out of AHS : Coven from now on. 

As for the otter puns mentioned earlier, I have been on a googling spree since discovering a Foo Fighters // otter meme this morning ("WHAT IF I SAY I'M NOT LIKE THE OTTERS !") and now I am back singing "hello from the otter slide // I must have slid a thousand times // to tell you I'm otterly sorry". I altered the last two lines myself. Still very proud.

Why does this kind of nonsense always end up on here ?

Grace x 


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