Saturday, 27 February 2016

Majestic Midday

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Until Thursday morning, we were having a lovely spell of sunshine (I cannot possibly sound any more Irish than I do here.) and on one of those days - Tuesday - I was stuck at home with a lovely dose of conjunctivitis (the latter words of that sentence are of 100% sarcasm.) and not being one to stay inside on such a gorgeous, warm day, I ventured outside with mam's camera and my smaller digital camera (mine is the only on with a video function.) before lunch to snap the incredibly beautiful sky. I'm forever fascination by the drain pipe kind-of-things around our house and how they contrast with the sky when the sun is out, hence why they are constantly making appearances on both here and my Instagram. There are so many photos on my camera roll, I'll just show myself out !

I was going to try write something positive, etc. today (considering it is approaching a year since I burnt myself out organising a positive sticky note day. wow. go me. no.) but my brain has kind of clammed up for the weekend, in terms of creativity, so I should probably should leave it here for tonight.

Grace x 


  1. I like the pictures a lot. I, sometimes just like to post photos of nature. I hope you have a great week. xx

    Christina /

    1. Thanks so much <3 loving your latest post !


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