Sunday, 27 March 2016


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The past few days have been quite hectic. On Thursday I went to The 1975's concert, on Friday I came home only to venture back out and yesterday was my birthday ! This outfit, which I wore yesterday, is similar to what I wore to the concert. Since buying a flannel, it is all I live in and I can finally understand why so many people do - they are so cosy, what the heck ! I am also still ridiculously chuffed that this blue mesh shop was found in a charity shop so at this stage I will wear it out at any given opportunity. Meanwhile, the choker collection continues (the crescent and star is not intended to appropriate any religion or culture.) and these pastel fishnet tights are adorable, I feel like a pastel goth off Tumblr in them ! 

My birthday mainly revolved around food - bacon, egg and rocket roll for breakfast, hot chocolate out at a coffee shop, Nerds and too many sweets at my friend's house and pizza for dinner followed by apple turnover ! I also received a container of six hundred bon bons (I shit you not.) from friends for my birthday. As you can imagine Easter eggs are not on the cards this Sunday. My poor little appetite cannot handle all the food !

Worryingly enough, there is only a week left of the Easter Holidays. Something that appears to have zoomed by, yet at the same time I can't really remember school nor anything we have actually done in school so needless to say, it would be far more preferable for the return to Fifth Year to be postponed ! I still struggle to believe that I am in Fifth Year. We won't mention next year.

Just like every post lately, I don't seem to have a lot to say !

Grace x 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Umber Outdoors

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For someone who spends a grand chunk of their time bullet-pointing down and making spider diagrams of their film and photography ideas, I put together a lot of impulsive photo sets ! Most of my ideas do not expand from paper, at least for the moment, for many reasons. One being that they all involve human subjects and I don't really feel comfortable being like "HEY WHO WANTS TO DO SOME IMPROV. PLAYING A SILENT CHARACTER WITH A BUNDLE OF CHARACTERISTICS FOR MY PHOTO SET OR VIDEO HEY HEY HEY !" to anyone I know and it's also why my face, feet and whatever else pops up regularly in this kind of stuff. I'm not self-absorbed. I honestly don't see me in my photos as me but a figure of me and photographs are so much more interesting with people in them anyway. I think they create a kind of connection or something to do relate to.

These photos don't have much of a story to them. I bought fairy lights, I'm the proud owner of a cute haversack-handbag found in a charity shop, I love trees, I'm back in my green coat again, my disposable camera is pretty cool, I'm going through a phase of enjoying red-toned photos and my radio keeps making funny sounds so I've had to plug it out. I also feel very happy and I make rash decisions to carry too many belongings outside into the freezing cold to take photographs and film video clips. I was so delighted to see how these photos turned out, the radio, camera and clothes kind of created a retro vibe, as well as the red tones. Speaking of my bag, I went shopping on Saturday as part of my birthday present and among the clothes bought, I found such great pieces in Oxfam - that bag, a yellow tee and a mesh blue top - which made me feel over the moon, it was ridiculous how delighted with myself I was ! 

I have a pretty exciting and interesting week ahead. On Thursday I'm going to my first ever concert - The 1975, it's my birthday on Saturday and I have something to look forward to almost everyday.

Here's to a great week !

Grace x 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Creeping out of Green

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Lá fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh ! That is 'St. Patrick's Day' as gaeilge (in Irish.) and I would write this entire post as gaeilge except that would then mean spell checking, grammar checking and of course, translating below and I'm a little too lazy for that ! As this was a day that I'd be spending in town being a sociable being (although, mainly eating a year's worth of sugar.) I have had my outfit planned for more than several weeks - I am cringing at myself as I write this. But I have reason ! Not because this happens every year (oops.) but because I needed somewhere to flaunt my 'creep it real' tee ! It was in Penney's back at Halloween (or should I say Oíche Shamhna ?) but my parents gave me it as a part of my Christmas present and it is officially the coolest t-shirt ever !!!!! The additional exclamation marks are necessary !

This of course had to be paired with my check skirt and leather jacket and white crop top for warmth ! I generally prefer to avoid the colour green on Lá Fhéile Pádraig unless it's in my hair or on my nails or eyelids but it was unbelieving cold this morning so the green coat had to come out. A miracle happened and I received no Paddy's Day or Commemorations comments all afternoon ! What is this brilliance ! Also wore my choker and bracelets as always, y'know, just add that in there.

St. Patrick's Day is more of a sociable and eating occasion than anything else. For example, when the parade began, my friends and I were sat in Costa eating twice our body weight ice cream, wedges and mini eggs. It's also the one day where you can buy a green 99 ice cream ! It is the start of the summer icecream season ! Usually, it's the one day where you see everyone ever from school (cue hiding behind your raincoat hood.) although we're getting to the age where most people either spend the day at home (the parades are a little shite.) or celebrate the day at a party at night rather than wandering the streets all afternoon so we saw barely anyone around today ! That probably shouldn't be so much of an achievement.

Not that it's of much interest to anyone reading this, I actually spent my money wisely today ! i.e not an excessive amount on food. I only bought 60c supermarket brand mini eggs and bon bons (okay, maybe still a little too excessive.) but I did spent money decently on a disposable camera ! Disposable cameras are my favourite things ever, even if it does involve the cost and effort of getting them developed. I was chuffed with three photographs being taken on it today except for when I remembered when I got home that I had never used the flash. Grace 0 - 1 Disposable camera.

A brilliant day, all in all !

Grace x 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


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The past two days have been the most amazing, weatherwise, with the beautiful sunshine and skies. We haven't had a decent, colourful sunset in a good while here so yesterday whilst the firey red and orange and pastel lilac and blue hues began running through the sky, I was racing down the hall to take out mam's camera ! I began snapping just in the nip of time before the sun completely went down and even afterwards, the sky continued to be bloody amazing, with the reds and pinks becoming even stronger !

Meanwhile, I finally get my Easter Holidays tomorrow and to be honest, we might as well have had been on then since Thursday as nobody has been in and we haven't done much work besides a few tests, i.e more time for me to waste my time on my phone and keyboard at home ! Yay ! 

Grace x 

Saturday, 12 March 2016


I have not worn blouses and the likes in at least a year or two (with the exception of school, of course !) so when I threw on my favourite floral blouse last Saturday - which miraculously still fits, may I add - I all of a sudden felt similar to a sophisticated office lady ! Seriously ! All I need was a nice pair of glasses, my hair done with a little more effort, a neckerchief and a proper pair of heels ! Y'know, like the definition of a stereotypical high-class, stylish office worker. I have a lack of ability to concentrate so we can rule that occupation out. The colours and patterns of this blouse always intrigue me and it just happened that on this day, the shades matched my flower clip in a way, as did the design with that of the three-quarter length sleeved top that I wore underneath ! And I'm just there like "Yes ! Everything actually goes well together for once !" cue singing this song. Or this one. We won't discuss how many times I referred to those two songs this week when the words "group" and "together" were dropped. My jewellery even almost made the cut of "matching" although not quite but I still had to take photos of my bracelet since I was going through a little phase of being fascinated by veins ! During my regular spot of procrastination during double art, I just stared frequently at my veins looked a little more emerald than usual, my hands were looking quite pale and my knuckles were quite red and a little cut up and it all reminded me of roses !  I didn't get to take a photo but the colours in this photo are a little similar, although my hand didn't look as dramatic.

Easter Holidays are on Wednesday ! Not a lot of work will probably be done between now and then due to the level of people in class on school activities, etc. but we still have to sit tests so I'll just let my answers drown in my tears ! Yay ! St. Patrick's Day is also this week and due to the green colour of my coat (damn grace back at it again with the green coat !), the amount of times I say 'fecking' in a sentence, the amount of time I spend studying the Irish language, the test we had in Irish History last week and the Irish dancing we had to do in music class, I'm just going to wear all black all this week and temporarily adopt a different nationality in retaliation. Neither are possible but we'll just pretend that it is.

On a final note, I will probably never read back through any of my old blog posts again after cringing for the universe whilst hearing them being read aloud on a group chat last night, WHY DO I DO THIS ! 

Grace x 

Saturday, 5 March 2016


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We really have been experiencing all four seasons each day in Ireland over the past week. You wake up to snow falling, which eventually stops and clears but leaves a gale, then the rain and sleet begins and by 4pm, the sun is out, splitting the stones ! As much as the unpredictability can be a right pain (who really wants to have to brace it out in their heavy rain jacket, only to be sweating in it later ?) I find it fascinating how the weather in one area can go from one extreme to another over the duration of several hours !

It is also fascinating because, of course, it is incredible to photograph and I just do little leaps of joy in my head and go running for mam's camera every time some blue pops into the sky or in yesterday morning's case, when snow began to stick to the ground ! I would take photos of the rain too - there is something about the whole assumed gloominess of it all - except for the fact that it is impractical and the raindrops generally blur the lens.

While all of this mad weather is going on, March has begun and I'm yet to fully acknowledge as to what month it is, how soon the Easter holidays are and how soon my birthday is. I also thought that I would have a lot more to say this evening but as of right now, I don't.

And that is probably a strange way to end this blogpost,

Grace x