Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Currently listening to : Rolling in the Roses | Wild Horses

The past two days have been the most amazing, weatherwise, with the beautiful sunshine and skies. We haven't had a decent, colourful sunset in a good while here so yesterday whilst the firey red and orange and pastel lilac and blue hues began running through the sky, I was racing down the hall to take out mam's camera ! I began snapping just in the nip of time before the sun completely went down and even afterwards, the sky continued to be bloody amazing, with the reds and pinks becoming even stronger !

Meanwhile, I finally get my Easter Holidays tomorrow and to be honest, we might as well have had been on then since Thursday as nobody has been in and we haven't done much work besides a few tests, i.e more time for me to waste my time on my phone and keyboard at home ! Yay ! 

Grace x 

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