Saturday, 12 March 2016


I have not worn blouses and the likes in at least a year or two (with the exception of school, of course !) so when I threw on my favourite floral blouse last Saturday - which miraculously still fits, may I add - I all of a sudden felt similar to a sophisticated office lady ! Seriously ! All I need was a nice pair of glasses, my hair done with a little more effort, a neckerchief and a proper pair of heels ! Y'know, like the definition of a stereotypical high-class, stylish office worker. I have a lack of ability to concentrate so we can rule that occupation out. The colours and patterns of this blouse always intrigue me and it just happened that on this day, the shades matched my flower clip in a way, as did the design with that of the three-quarter length sleeved top that I wore underneath ! And I'm just there like "Yes ! Everything actually goes well together for once !" cue singing this song. Or this one. We won't discuss how many times I referred to those two songs this week when the words "group" and "together" were dropped. My jewellery even almost made the cut of "matching" although not quite but I still had to take photos of my bracelet since I was going through a little phase of being fascinated by veins ! During my regular spot of procrastination during double art, I just stared frequently at my veins looked a little more emerald than usual, my hands were looking quite pale and my knuckles were quite red and a little cut up and it all reminded me of roses !  I didn't get to take a photo but the colours in this photo are a little similar, although my hand didn't look as dramatic.

Easter Holidays are on Wednesday ! Not a lot of work will probably be done between now and then due to the level of people in class on school activities, etc. but we still have to sit tests so I'll just let my answers drown in my tears ! Yay ! St. Patrick's Day is also this week and due to the green colour of my coat (damn grace back at it again with the green coat !), the amount of times I say 'fecking' in a sentence, the amount of time I spend studying the Irish language, the test we had in Irish History last week and the Irish dancing we had to do in music class, I'm just going to wear all black all this week and temporarily adopt a different nationality in retaliation. Neither are possible but we'll just pretend that it is.

On a final note, I will probably never read back through any of my old blog posts again after cringing for the universe whilst hearing them being read aloud on a group chat last night, WHY DO I DO THIS ! 

Grace x 


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