Sunday, 27 March 2016


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The past few days have been quite hectic. On Thursday I went to The 1975's concert, on Friday I came home only to venture back out and yesterday was my birthday ! This outfit, which I wore yesterday, is similar to what I wore to the concert. Since buying a flannel, it is all I live in and I can finally understand why so many people do - they are so cosy, what the heck ! I am also still ridiculously chuffed that this blue mesh shop was found in a charity shop so at this stage I will wear it out at any given opportunity. Meanwhile, the choker collection continues (the crescent and star is not intended to appropriate any religion or culture.) and these pastel fishnet tights are adorable, I feel like a pastel goth off Tumblr in them ! 

My birthday mainly revolved around food - bacon, egg and rocket roll for breakfast, hot chocolate out at a coffee shop, Nerds and too many sweets at my friend's house and pizza for dinner followed by apple turnover ! I also received a container of six hundred bon bons (I shit you not.) from friends for my birthday. As you can imagine Easter eggs are not on the cards this Sunday. My poor little appetite cannot handle all the food !

Worryingly enough, there is only a week left of the Easter Holidays. Something that appears to have zoomed by, yet at the same time I can't really remember school nor anything we have actually done in school so needless to say, it would be far more preferable for the return to Fifth Year to be postponed ! I still struggle to believe that I am in Fifth Year. We won't mention next year.

Just like every post lately, I don't seem to have a lot to say !

Grace x 


  1. Happy 17th birthday, Grace! It's such a sweet year. You look gorgeous. Loved your nails! x

  2. Happy late birthday Grace! The concert was amazing wasn't it? I was at it too! I also love Aurora she has such great music. Loving the outfit and wishing you all the best in your return to fifth year! (I'm not really looking forward to it that much myself..)

    Julie xx

    1. Thank youu :D and yess it was amazing aaah ! Attempting to pretend that Fifth Year doesn't exist right now ahaha

  3. This is such a cute outfit! I love your skirt also your hair is gorgeous <3


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