Monday, 21 March 2016

Umber Outdoors

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For someone who spends a grand chunk of their time bullet-pointing down and making spider diagrams of their film and photography ideas, I put together a lot of impulsive photo sets ! Most of my ideas do not expand from paper, at least for the moment, for many reasons. One being that they all involve human subjects and I don't really feel comfortable being like "HEY WHO WANTS TO DO SOME IMPROV. PLAYING A SILENT CHARACTER WITH A BUNDLE OF CHARACTERISTICS FOR MY PHOTO SET OR VIDEO HEY HEY HEY !" to anyone I know and it's also why my face, feet and whatever else pops up regularly in this kind of stuff. I'm not self-absorbed. I honestly don't see me in my photos as me but a figure of me and photographs are so much more interesting with people in them anyway. I think they create a kind of connection or something to do relate to.

These photos don't have much of a story to them. I bought fairy lights, I'm the proud owner of a cute haversack-handbag found in a charity shop, I love trees, I'm back in my green coat again, my disposable camera is pretty cool, I'm going through a phase of enjoying red-toned photos and my radio keeps making funny sounds so I've had to plug it out. I also feel very happy and I make rash decisions to carry too many belongings outside into the freezing cold to take photographs and film video clips. I was so delighted to see how these photos turned out, the radio, camera and clothes kind of created a retro vibe, as well as the red tones. Speaking of my bag, I went shopping on Saturday as part of my birthday present and among the clothes bought, I found such great pieces in Oxfam - that bag, a yellow tee and a mesh blue top - which made me feel over the moon, it was ridiculous how delighted with myself I was ! 

I have a pretty exciting and interesting week ahead. On Thursday I'm going to my first ever concert - The 1975, it's my birthday on Saturday and I have something to look forward to almost everyday.

Here's to a great week !

Grace x 

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