Saturday, 23 April 2016


All I ever seem to post on the Internet is photos of the sky, sunsets and occasionally maybe my glitter eyeliner or an outfit I wore ! This is my way of subtly acknowledging that my blog and social media yokes and what not are all infiltrated with photos of sunsets - the majority of which look pretty similar, in my eyes anyway. I even have a bulk from a week or two ago but I posted most of them on Instagram so there is probably little point of sharing them on here now too. 

The sun's rays were beautifully hitting off the metal bars that hold up the swings tonight so I ventured outside with mam's camera to take a few snaps and it turned out to be quite a nice set of photographs, if I say so myself ! I've began sketching ideas of scenes again and one that began on Thursday was the image of fingers sliding, dancing down the metal banister on outdoor steps or ramps. The swing's metal bars had a similar appearance to them so I gave photographing it a go and ended up delighted with the outcome of the colours ! The fourth and fifth last photos of the top of the swingball stand, sticking out the sky, caught my eye as well. It reminded me of summer and also my favourite music video (still, almost a year later !) - 'Headlights'. 

Speaking of photos, I got my disposables - mostly taken over Easter - developed the other day and again, there's a photo of few over on my Instagram where I generally post too much. I've also been listening to lots of brilliant music this week, mainly Tame Impala & King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. I get way too excited over listening to decent music anyway but the music videos are so interesting that I'm arguing with myself over which I prefer more - the video or the actual song ! Speaking of great music, Lucy of Things The Books Forgot tagged me to a 'Songs That Shaped Me' post so I shall probably get around to writing that up very soon ! That's after I cut down the excessively long list of songs, of course !

Grace x 

Saturday, 16 April 2016


No outfit post in three weeks ? What is this madness ! I enjoy writing on here and I adore clothing, except I honestly do not have a clue lately as to how to write a paragraph, describing what I am wearing besides stating the obvious, being like "This is a tshirt. It is black. I love it. And I felt very cool today. Bye." But nevertheless, I do love what I wore today and felt very comfortable in it, even though this afternoon's weather could be compared to a yo yo ! The television shows that I've been watching lately have been having quite the influence on my choose of outfits to put together. I've spent the past three weeks watching the first few seasons of Degrassi which are set in and aired during the very early noughties. I adore the goth style and the multiple chokers worn by characters Ashley Kerwin and Ellie Nash in these episodes so I might as well by putting together my outfits to match my chokers, not vise-versa, lately and probably got a little too much happiness from how well my necklace and star choker looked today ! I've also been re-watching the first generation (seasons one and two.) of Skins and Cassie Ainsworth is basically my new style icon ! Hence the patterned pleated skirt today. 

The sky was looking amazing again this afternoon so I had to take some photos of it - I still have some to post from during the week, I've already shared a few on Instagram - and speaking of photos, almost a month later, I finally brought my disposable camera into a shop to get those photographs developed ! I now have a photo album to keep the images in too and the disposable itself wasn't from a pound shop this time so I am looking forward to the results !

Grace x 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Violet Flurries

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Grey hued violet flows down a wall as does an aroma of the same shade flurries
 It leans down to rest on the floor and becomes consumed
By the sparkling rainbow dots above where the violet lies
A lack of light forms a sense of serenity.
There are no rules - it is alone
The violet wanders and escapes, becoming free in a confined space
Only the speckled incandescence alerts to guide
Garnet whirls around, bouncing alongside the parallel cold tones
It fills violet up , racing virtuosity inside
Brightness opens in a flicker, it's time to wake up
canary hued pearl flows up the wall as does a sense of fenced-in flurries


On Friday evening, I turned off my lamps, leaving only multi-coloured fairy lights on, closing the curtains. I then proceeded to lie on the floor and let my imagination roam free. It felt as if I was floating in the air without a single worry so this evening, I wrote about it. It's not as long as I would hope for it to be but I am slowly getting back into the long blogpost kind of thing again.

Grace x