Sunday, 10 April 2016

Violet Flurries

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Grey hued violet flows down a wall as does an aroma of the same shade flurries
 It leans down to rest on the floor and becomes consumed
By the sparkling rainbow dots above where the violet lies
A lack of light forms a sense of serenity.
There are no rules - it is alone
The violet wanders and escapes, becoming free in a confined space
Only the speckled incandescence alerts to guide
Garnet whirls around, bouncing alongside the parallel cold tones
It fills violet up , racing virtuosity inside
Brightness opens in a flicker, it's time to wake up
canary hued pearl flows up the wall as does a sense of fenced-in flurries


On Friday evening, I turned off my lamps, leaving only multi-coloured fairy lights on, closing the curtains. I then proceeded to lie on the floor and let my imagination roam free. It felt as if I was floating in the air without a single worry so this evening, I wrote about it. It's not as long as I would hope for it to be but I am slowly getting back into the long blogpost kind of thing again.

Grace x


  1. Love your writing and photography, you're so talented! xx

    1. Awh thank you so much <3 means a lot !


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