Saturday, 7 May 2016

Red Sunshine

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These photos are from Monday - the may bank holiday - when I came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to leave the house at some stage over the weekend. I'm not too good when it comes to leaving the house on weekends nowadays ! I stay out on a Friday afternoon and then proceed to spend the rest of the weekend in bed, contemplating whether or not I should cease procrastinating and get some homework out of the way. Despite summer exams being a few weeks away, lying in bed wins every time.

I'd had the idea of this outfit in my head for a few days and didn't think it would look nice together considering the style and clashing colours of the t-shirt and dress (for the record, my wacky outfit ideas usually result in me getting changed into something that matches more and me feeling disappointed !) but lo and behold, the combination was not the worst that I'd ever put together and I paired up my flannel and a few necklaces to finish everything off. I've really grown to love flowing, slip-like, midi, pleate and chiffon dresses and skirts again lately. I keep thinking of how great they'd look with sloppy tees, band tees, mesh tops and then I saw these skirts on the New Look websitee and at that stage I'd decided to wear this dress again ! It's very much of a shift // slip shape which as much as it is great for hiding my curve in a way (curved back makes many a dress or skirt a nightmare !), it almost feels like it almost pronounces it sometimes  which is why I haven't worn it much (and why I don't wear dresses too often in general.) but the flannel made me feel a little more comfortable in it.

The other reason for my recent rediscovery of midi-skirts is since I re-watched Skins for the *insert extremely long figure here* time. I hadn't watched Generation One (seasons one and two.) through and through in quite a while so that was first on the agenda and this time, I fell in love with Cassie's wardrobe ! Everyone of the characters of Skins's style is very interesting to me although they rarely influence my own style with the obvious exception of Effy. Like a lot of TV series, the wardrobes of the characters do appeal to me, I just wouldn't wear them and therefore don't become as focused on them ! At the moment though, I am really drawn to all of Cassie's outfits and just want to incorporate her style into every outfit I wear ! Particularly her outfits in Season Two Episode Nine and Season One Episode Five. I adore it all !

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