Thursday, 30 June 2016

June Playlist

Another month coming to an end can only call for another monthly playlist ! This month's may not be as exciting for me to write as others but there are one or two that I will probably be a little over-enthusiastic to write several paragraphs about.

The first song is one that I debated over whether or not to include in last month's playlist (since I listened to it from the final day or two of May into the first two or three of June.) and that is ''My Heart Is A Storm'' by Aurora. This seems to be a pretty old song of Aurora's since it cannot be bought on iTunes and also, unlike a lot of her other songs, information on the origins of the lyrics (Some of Aurora's songs, such as 'Runaway', she wrote as a child !) doesn't seem to exist online either. I could spend all day arguing with myself over which Aurora song is my favourite but right now this is most definitely it. The percussion used in the song is so powerful as are the lyrics and its one of those songs where the harmony really completes the chorus and pre-chorus. All in all, a racing, uplifting song that you seriously need to listen to ! I forgot to add Drake's catchy "One Dance" and "School's Out" by Alice Cooper - the latter being the one that I started imitating the dancing in The Breakfast Club scene to when I finished my last summer exam.

Following that week, I spent the next week listening to "Forest" by The Cure which has the best guitar riff and "Need You Now" by Hot Chip - the deep female vocals of which make the entire song ! Because I cannot go a playlist post without going on a tangent about the music videos that go with these songs, I may add that both songs' music videos illustrate the songs' slightly eerie natures in a way, right down to the colours and brightness which again, thrilled me a little too much. I love jazz music so when I heard "I Ain't Got Nobody" playing in the background of a scene of the film 'Mystic Pizza', I raced to YouTube to look up the entire song. It's such a cheerful song - go look it up !

Then I went through a phase of listening to a lot of Weezer after finding this cover and that included ''Buddy Holly'' basically one of the coolest (my vocabulary here is weakening.) songs I've listened to - I don't know whether it's the riff or the monotonous lyrics - and once again, I'm in love with the music video, can it be made into an entire series or something ! I also listened to even more Surf Curse, this time "In My Head 'Till I'm Dead" and I'll spare you from having to listen to my further rambles about how great this band is. I've also been listening to ''Weird Around You'' by Eerie Summer - the lyrics of which being inspired by 'Daria' - and Flower Boy's "Lemonade" which is one of the most tranquil songs that I have found in ages and would sound even more beautiful with harmony !

What has been on your playlist this month ?

Grace x 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Am I A Unicorn Yet ?

Currently listening to : Darling Are You Going To Leave Me | Lemonade

I am currently feeling very like Stephanie of Lazy Town or a member of The Powerpuff Girls. In plain English, my childhood dreams have come through. My hair has been dyed pink for a third time (dip dye counts as one experience, right ?) and the desired result of a vibrant, strong pink has actually occurred this time ! My mam dyed it for me on Thursday and I owe her quite a lot for not only spending so long putting the dye through all of my hair but for doing it without gloves and therefore, staining her hands beetroot pink ! It would have been amusing except it so long to remove, I don't think that either of us want to see the colour of pink anywhere anytime soon.

I adore dying my hair - I wish I could do it a lot more ! Although, at first, I feel quite self-conscious walking through town with my coloured hair, it also feels so empowering. There's a sense of being a different person, taking on an alter-ego or even hiding further behind this mane. Unfortunately, my school doesn't allow 'unnatural' hair colours, such as this (and even 'natural' colours run the risk in landing you in trouble, depending.) so pink was opted for so that it will hopefully have completely faded out (or at least turned a red-tinted brown.) by September. During my two weeks as an exam attendant, I was working my way through the Rookie yearbooks, re-reading for the dozenth time. I came across an Editor's Letter that I must have skipped by before. In this, Gevinson writes out her almost compulsion to record memories, something that I can entirely relate to. What struck me though was the passage in which she describes how during her latter high school years, every time she would begin a new journal, she would change her hair colour, alter her handwriting and take a different route to school. This really fascinated me and I wished that I had previously experimented more (e.g. appearances.) like this.

Other than dying my hair, there have been little to no new developments in my life ! On Saturday, I went walking in the woods with my friends from beach to beach and it was brilliant ! Not only did the weather keep up but the everywhere we visited was so scenic. Beforehand, of course, I ran into a pharmacy and bought a disposable camera to use over the next few weeks. Bonuses included not injuring myself or dying, unless pins and needles in my baby fingers from a sting off a plant counts. Also a good reminder to myself that skirts and dresses are not the best attire for exploring ! Unless that is of course you enjoy getting from place to place by means of sliding on your butt in a skirt. Yea, me neither. Even though, my knees and ankles felt like they were about to stop functioning (I really need to start doing plie exercises again.) by the time I went home, it was worth it and left me feeling very grateful to live so close to gorgeous beaches, woods and greenery.

I have just found the Degrassi Subreddit so I think my period of hibernation may be beginning around now.

Grace x

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Currently listening to : In My Head 'Till I'm Dead 

I felt really child-like taking these photos, I enjoyed myself so much ! There's an element of freshness or naivety to them. They were taken for the purpose of celebrating the following day being the summer solstice so I didn't exactly intend for several photos to turn into a wow-look-how-artsy-i-am selfie session. But the sky was being an enchanting piece of art, causing the art to heavily play in my favour so how could I leave any of these photos out ! It feels very strange that the days are going to begin to become shorter and that the colder evenings will start creeping back around. It doesn't seem as if it has been summer for that long, although I don't mind the change too much.

I'm writing in quite a calm tone this evening which is interesting considering that not only do I generally write about occasions like this (summer solstice, disposable - anything I'm passionate about, naturally.) in quite a hyped, overexcited and adrenaline-filled tone, but nobody in Ireland is calm at the moment considering our win over Italy in the Euros.

Anyway, I cannot remember whether or not I have been writing around here since the weekend - I don't think I have - but on Sunday, I finally received the prints of the photos taken on my disposable. Considering that the film had been in use since the beginning of May and that it was developed overnight, they were the best photos off a disposable that I've had developed so far ! The two photos above are from one of my favourite days of the year so far - the day that we got our school holidays. I've never actually wrote online about it but every aspect of it was so much fun - besides writing essays in English and Art exams, of course. The next day followed and I didn't sleep until about 6am and caught a beautiful sunrise which you can see a snap of here.

Grace's calm state of mind is turning off now as oh my goat, I am dying my hair (well my mam is.) tomorrow ! I hate talking about doing things before I actually carry the plan out - it's the superstition in me speaking - but I'm becoming excited to be a unicorn once again so there we go ! I bailed on several plans tomorrow for the sake of having unicorn hair so it may be worth it !

Grace x 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Oyster Granite

Currently listening to : Buddy Holly 

Hello ! Long time no see ! Again ! This time, I've been absent as in a strange turn of events, I ended up an exam attendant, my disposables will not be developed until tomorrow and as per usual, I have no ideas that can become plans and I'm exhausted ! Since I have no other worthy content to share right now, I went outside this afternoon and took outfit photos because what else would be making regular appearances on this blog ?

When wearing this outfit, I feel like some scene kid from 2009 or Effy Stonem in the earlier Skins series (all around the same time, really.) especially with the copious amount of beaded necklaces. Although if I really wanted to go for that kind of style, I'd need to be adding a lot more ! Besides the odd pop of blue, the rest of the outfit is monochrome, just yelling even louder that I desperately need to wear colour more ! It was a little better today - I even introduced grey ! The  piece is one that I have not worn in so long since it is supposed to be one of those two-length dresses and I, as someone of short height, can tell you that that piece cannot be a bloody dress ! Even when I first bought it in Third Year, it was debatable as to whether or not it's length determined it to be a dress or not, yet it's difficult to style as a top since a lot of skirts simply do not look right when worn under it ! It all clashes way too much. However, one of my black skirts managed to suit it fairly well so that is how today's outfit ended up being assembled ! 

And finally ! I am actually getting around to sharing my May playlist ! Usually I would have just left it (think I did that in March.) or just added a photo but May - just like April - was such a brilliant month in terms of finding good music that I need to slot this in somewhere !

The month started off with listening to Cute Whore. The duo are both in the Canadian TV show 'Degrassi' and their music is so so good ! Every song is different, you really can't compare any two but 'Cult Leader' has to be my favourite. At this time, I was also listening to Acid Ghost, mostly 'All Alone', another song that makes me feel quite calm.

Then, we get to 'In My Head' by Bedroom. And holy cow, doesn't a description of this song need it's own blogpost or at least, it's own paragraph ! It's one of those songs that I could listen to over and over (I did.) and never get bored of it or feel anything different whilst listening. It is beautifully tranquil and I can't decide on which I enjoy more - the vocals or the instrumentals ! It is hands down one of the best songs that I have ever listened to - I am not exaggerating ! I swear ! Also played on repeat that week was 'In Between Days' by The Cure, a brilliant song and another that I could dance along to forever !

I then found my new favourite band - Surf Curse ! A lot of their stuff is very and almost too similar but I still love it anyway since it's exactly the kind that I love ! 'Freak' followed by 'Forever Dumb' are my two favourites that I listened to over and over throughout the month of May and I still find myself listening to the two on a regular basis. I don't know how to describe how fun and thrilling these songs are and how relatable (shoot, do I sound I sound like a fourteen year old who has just discovered Tumblr now ?) the lyrics are but if I can illustrate the feeling in any way, I spent most of my art classes during the month of May trying not to bop along to the music or  yell the lyrics as if I'm participating in some protest that I feel very passionately about ! I also feel very teenager-y (is that a thing ?) when listening to these two songs - it's brilliant !

Towards the end of the month, a friend introduced me to Beach House and listening to 'Space Song' and 'Wishes' was so magical that I felt as if I was in some enchanted dream ! It's the tempo, the notes that the instruments play, just everything ! It feels very like time slowly stopping. Other songs that I listened to frequently this month include 'Raging' by Kygo and Kodaline and 'No Money' by Galantis, which has such a great music video.

 And that became quite a ramble so three cheers for you if you made it to the end of this post ! On a final note, I started using Twitter a lot more again if you're into the land of tweeting !

Grace x 

Monday, 6 June 2016


Last week listened to : My Heart Is A Storm 
Currently listening to : CheerleaderA Forest | I Ain't Got Nobody | Need You Now

Hellooo ! Long time, no see ! I meant to share two posts last week - May's playlist and parts of an outfit - but I was so busy with the amazingly hot weather, summer exams and then, enjoying myself after those exams that I didn't have the energy to even think, let alone post online ! I'm not exaggerating a lot or bragging when I say that since Thursday when we got our summer holidays at 1.10pm, I have seen friends more than I did over the three months of last summer (or previous summers for that matter.) ! I've also been spending time with family and watching TV shows or films (Grease the Musical .... Nijiro Days and Fairy Tale ... watched the amazing 80s film 'Mystic Pizza' last night - it is the best !). Unfortunately also, as a result of being out so much, the aftermath of exams and just being so content, I have had no motivation and either too much energy or none at all ! For weeks, I've been getting up at ridiculous hours of the morning to either study or finish off homework. This means that my sleep pattern has been all over the place, leading to me staying awake almost all night twice, although on the first occasion I did get to see an amazing sunset so it was quite worth it. I'm slowly beginning to adjust to not having any work to do (I'm taking the month of June off from study.) and I also haven't found any summer work so to keep boredom and a lack of motivation at bay, I have decided to attempt to teach myself some basic Spanish !

I haven't been very active on social media, YouTube and this blog as I haven't had any ideas springing into my head. Like I said, I have also been out a lot and I tend not to share a lot of that on social media. It kind of confuses me, since when I like back through my "On This Day" memories I used to share so much whenever I hung out with friends when I was younger (at times when I didn't have a lot of friends this was my way of screaming "LOOK SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY ENJOY MY COMPANY". Thirteen year old Grace was quite peculiar.) but I suppose my perception of online has changed. I am not one to let others' thoughts on myself affect me  but with the opinions of many who see 'oversharing' online as 'narcissistic' or an act of 'showing off', myself being more cautious of what I do share online - I don't particularly enjoy sharing my face on the Internet now - and perhaps a lost of interest, I do share less and less online.

It's a minefield. The online world is criticised for depicting their lives as 'perfect' and 'flawless' when sharing online, however, when the online world open up about the ways in which their life is not so 'perfect' and 'flawless', they are also criticised. The online world is not real. It is not real at all. It is not natural, crafted without force, it is staged. It is not a physical thing - living or not. And for that it must be acclaimed. It is art in the way that it is crafted to portray different realities - whether they are the best bites of reality or the worst. I suppose that is why my Instagram strictly consists of photographs that I have chosen to be of certain hues, photographs that I have chosen to be positioned in a certain way, photographs that I have chosen to be somehow 'staged'. Occasionally, I'll choose to share 'less staged' photos, whatever they consist of. But at the end of the day, I adore photography and photography means many different things to me but most of all memory keeping. It's a almost of sentimentality or a form of hoarding.

 I take photographs of everything - I always have. I take photos of every sunset, first thing in morning and photos of a lot of sunsets, late at night. I take a photos of my rabbits when they go for a nap together. I take photos of my surroundings every time I have an anxiety attack or meltdown in the school bathrooms. I take photos of my family sitting together or when we have a nice meal. I sometimes take a lot of photos of food. I carry a disposable camera everywhere. I take photos of my friends acting like goofs. I take way too many photos of nature and I take selfies for the most ridiculous reasons. For example, at the end of my last summer exam - art history - and then photos, of the notebook page where I had doodled and written Alice Cooper lyrics. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY !

Wow, this is similar to a therapy session.

I feel a little drained following those last three paragraphs and reading this, you may be too, so we are keeping the May playlist for another day ! I had not intended to go on that tangent but I hope it made some kind of sense anyway, that I do not sound like an idiot and that you might leave your thoughts on the topic in the comments - what does photography, social media and art mean to you ?

Grace x