Monday, 27 June 2016

Am I A Unicorn Yet ?

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I am currently feeling very like Stephanie of Lazy Town or a member of The Powerpuff Girls. In plain English, my childhood dreams have come through. My hair has been dyed pink for a third time (dip dye counts as one experience, right ?) and the desired result of a vibrant, strong pink has actually occurred this time ! My mam dyed it for me on Thursday and I owe her quite a lot for not only spending so long putting the dye through all of my hair but for doing it without gloves and therefore, staining her hands beetroot pink ! It would have been amusing except it so long to remove, I don't think that either of us want to see the colour of pink anywhere anytime soon.

I adore dying my hair - I wish I could do it a lot more ! Although, at first, I feel quite self-conscious walking through town with my coloured hair, it also feels so empowering. There's a sense of being a different person, taking on an alter-ego or even hiding further behind this mane. Unfortunately, my school doesn't allow 'unnatural' hair colours, such as this (and even 'natural' colours run the risk in landing you in trouble, depending.) so pink was opted for so that it will hopefully have completely faded out (or at least turned a red-tinted brown.) by September. During my two weeks as an exam attendant, I was working my way through the Rookie yearbooks, re-reading for the dozenth time. I came across an Editor's Letter that I must have skipped by before. In this, Gevinson writes out her almost compulsion to record memories, something that I can entirely relate to. What struck me though was the passage in which she describes how during her latter high school years, every time she would begin a new journal, she would change her hair colour, alter her handwriting and take a different route to school. This really fascinated me and I wished that I had previously experimented more (e.g. appearances.) like this.

Other than dying my hair, there have been little to no new developments in my life ! On Saturday, I went walking in the woods with my friends from beach to beach and it was brilliant ! Not only did the weather keep up but the everywhere we visited was so scenic. Beforehand, of course, I ran into a pharmacy and bought a disposable camera to use over the next few weeks. Bonuses included not injuring myself or dying, unless pins and needles in my baby fingers from a sting off a plant counts. Also a good reminder to myself that skirts and dresses are not the best attire for exploring ! Unless that is of course you enjoy getting from place to place by means of sliding on your butt in a skirt. Yea, me neither. Even though, my knees and ankles felt like they were about to stop functioning (I really need to start doing plie exercises again.) by the time I went home, it was worth it and left me feeling very grateful to live so close to gorgeous beaches, woods and greenery.

I have just found the Degrassi Subreddit so I think my period of hibernation may be beginning around now.

Grace x

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