Sunday, 31 July 2016

Floating Bluebells and July Playlist

Look at how much my dress floats ! It is gorgeous and I feel like a like field princess in it ! Unfortunately the photos here do not do the piece justice since my flannel and coat do a good job of hiding it. Trust me though when I say that the baby doll shape is adorable and as you can tell from the last photo, the colours and patterns are just amazing ! I really need to wear dresses more often. They're so so easy and comfortable in comparison to skirts (especially compared to skirts with elastic waitbands, ewh.) and you can wear a jumper or tee underneath it, then over it and BAM ! Two different outfits ! Both look completely different ! Do I own both a dress and skirt of the same style ? Is it just a dress worn two different ways ? Nobody will ever know ! Wow !

Onto July's playlist, I meant to post this on Friday but I procrastinated when it came to actually typing so we may as well combine that and Friday's outfit. July, similar to June, a mix of great and mediocre when it came to finding good music to listen to. A lot of my friends were posting these copy and paste statuses on Facebook where you fill everyone's timelines with music rather than politics but I never got around to actually listening to most of the songs shared. Again, procrastination. I really don't feel like writing a huge amount right now so perhaps I'll update this paragraph another day with descriptions but that is this month's playlist.

Grace x 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Under the Willow Tree

Currently listening to : You Lovely You 

Early last week, we experienced this heatwave in Ireland which brought ridiculous temperatures and humidity which was not only unusual for the second week before August but for Ireland in general. It was maddening - nobody could escape the heat ! Not in a sleeveless top, not in the changing rooms of clothing stores, not even in the middle of the night when sleep is calling. And then on Tuesday - the hottest day of the year - my family and I went into Dublin to go around the shops for the day. More than a slightly bad idea when looking back.

Anyhow, we spent those few days of the heatwave at nanny's house where an enchanting willow tree looms over the end of her garden. The setting it creates, assisted by a shed that has not been used in years, resembles some kind of beautifully creepy wood and I always wish that there was a tire hanging from the branches to swing out of or that I was light and brave enough to swing out of the branches themselves but I may keep wishing ! The sky and sunlight was beautiful on Monday evening so I couldn't help taking the camera outside.

Sorry for the lack of words in yet another post ! I got disposables printed on Saturday which I am delighted with - as always - however, I still do not know how to use a scanner and the quality of the photos that I do take of the disposables never leaves satisfied so I've only shared a few on my Instagram for now. Also, season two of Degrassi : The Next Class came to Netflix on Friday and I cannot remember whether or not I've mentioned on here before that the Degrassi franchise is my all time favourite TV series - even though I am yet to watch Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High - but now you know ! This season was so amazing. The show is really hitting the important topics that are difficult to discuss and are therefore not addressed enough on television shows - let alone a series whose target audience is teens - and I was in awe watching every episode since I don't feel that the show has dealt with so many stigmatised and controversial topics since the earlier seasons of the show with the exception of season twelve, perhaps. So instead of rambling on for an entire post, there is a paragraph summery of my thoughts !

I have saved you from a lot of reading nonsense.

Grace x 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pink Limes

Friday evening of last week, a group of us went to my friend's birthday dinner which involved getting to meet up with people who I hadn't seen since the beginning of June, eating almost an entire pizza and chocolate cake ! Somehow, I had a good appetite that day so my belly was happy as it could be after all the cute food - using the adjective 'cute' as I really do not know how else to describe pizza and cake right now.

Everyone generally dresses up a little when we go to eat food - again, my grasp of the English language is making a very special appearance today - and I lost the concept or meaning of 'dressing up' several years ago now and my friends don't text each other what we're wearing either which leaves the procrastination method of sitting in my bed for at least an hour overthinking whether I'll be under or over dressed up. But low and behold, I was on the edge of my seat - or bed, in this scenario - this time because of this amazing t-shirt !!! I have added extra exclamation marks there to emphasise the fact that this t-shirt is my soulmate. It was three euros - I repeat THREE EUROS - in Oxfam and is probably one of the best bargains that I have ever come across. The cartoon figures are absolutely gas and I'm in love with the colours, it's perfect ! But its even longer than the other t-shirts that I already own and you can gather by now that I didn't wish to roll up even the end of the cartoon figures. This left me in a very first world dilemma - my tweet about it may crack you up a little if you have ever watched Skins - as to what to wear with it so after long debates with myself I wore my usual black dress underneath it. I'm still not sure of how I feel about the combination - to be honest, I felt similar to a late noughties' teen going off to the disco - but the t-shirt is there !!!! And that's all that matters !!! I sound way too enthusiastic. Also, I've been wearing these white beads with everything lately. They always clash with the tone of whatever I'm wearing and I love them for that !

Grace x

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Broken Rounds

Currently listening to : Krimson | Send Your Love | Good Grief | Oh My Love 

I've been finding so much inspiration from various sources lately, however, those sprinkles (please, if my friends are reading - NO BLOG NAME PUNS ! I beg !) of inspiration have rarely been developing into ideas and sketches for photographs nor have I had the motivation to advance plans further. Call this next sentence an exaggeration if you like but its excruciatingly frustrating feeling so surrounded (although not to the point of being overwhelmed.) by inspiration - whether that be the music that I currently listen to on repeat, the social media users who I looked up to or the gorgeous weather we are currently being graced with here in Ireland - yet not being able to turn them into decent photo series. It probably does not help that I have both a horrible lack of focus and a growing fear of every photo I take appearing too similar to the previous and the previous to that previous one. I also spend way too long lying exhausted in my bed or sitting on the side of my bed in the middle of the day, either thinking about nothing or thinking to the point that I need to tell my brain to 'shut the front door'. I hear that that is a new way of saying 'shut up'. I may get down the upcoming colloquial phrases before September dawns on us.

I did have an idea for this post. Adele's latest song. It reminds me of Lorde's 'Royals' a lot since the first few times I heard the song, I expected the artist singing it to be a completely different person to who it actually was. So every time I listen to 'Send Your Love', I think of the colour red. Not a bright shade but a deep darkened one - a garnet - as that is what I always saw when listening to 'Royals', mainly since 'R' is for both 'Royals' and 'red' and its that kind of colour that you expect to be associated with anything royal. Anyhow, I had planned on incorporating items of red throughout the photos of this post but I couldn't evolve the idea any further, besides the fact that all the colours would create some kind of intense combination, and it has really being annoying me to the point that it has been almost all I think about. And that is why Grace, Sixth Year and creativity are not going to be best friends in September. I need to stop saying those nine letters. 

It is now half past eleven at night, meaning that it is way too late to write out an entire list here of what has been inspiring me lately so I suppose that I will continue to attempt to convince myself in my own head that there is something !

Grace x 

Monday, 11 July 2016

A Matter of Time

Currently listening to : ZZ Top

This dress is one of my favourites, simply because of the shape and style. It is beautifully shapeless, a  flowing shift dress and I feel like the character of Cassie Ainsworth from Skins or Twiggy when wearing it. However, the problem arises when I have bigger hips than those two icons so a dress in such a style is one that I don't generally like the look of on my body. I am the biggest hypocrite around since I do not recommend or support the idea of hiding the shape of one's body. However, I do admit that when wearing this dress, I usually layer up with a long tee and a long cardigan or flannel to avoid emphasising the outline of the dress. If I owned some pins and knew how to use them correctly, I would give this piece some kind of fitted shape but unfortunately this isn't the case. But on Friday, one of my hair clips surprisingly did the job and although it involved a lot of re-fixing throughout the day and evening, it also ended up adding another little touch to the ensemble, keeping up one side of the tank top that I layered over the dress. By the time I put on my shirt and bag, I felt so comfortable in my outfit - I'm not even going to apologise when I say that I felt very relaxed and cool in this ! On a side note, I feel as if this flannel has been in every post of this blog ever since I bought it in March but its so handy for layering why wouldn't it be making constant appearances ! 

The weeks are flying by - what is happening ! I've been putting off Japanese homework and all revision in general for over a week now since I am in denial that we're almost half-way through July, i.e almost half a week behind on that imaginary, non-existent revision schedule I planned on beginning at the start of the month. The high-street stores are also beginning to bring in their autumn and winter stock - I swear it gets earlier every year - and even though I have been opting for second-hand more often lately, I am hyped even just to 'window shop' and browse through New Look, Penneys, etc. ! I just love the more autumnal colours so much and strangely enough, I have been missing and longing for the colder months lately. Like any July, we're experiencing colder kinds of weather here in Ireland so I just want the beacons of mass-consumerism to assure me that it is okay to pretend that its the middle of October and that Halloween is next week !

Have a happy Monday !

Grace x 

Saturday, 9 July 2016


Currently listening to : The Way Back

Around a month ago, I went looking for my scooter again after not using it for the best part of three years. Some of my friends had been using skateboards and penny boards and it looked so cool, except I don't own either a skateboard or the coordination to use a skateboard and also, our garden consists of mostly grass and pebbles. So my dad found my scooter for me and I'd kind of forgotten about it until I took it out on Thursday evening to take these photos. And somehow, my coordination had deteriorated further (in terms of bikes and the likes.) so now me circulating the garden by scooter is almost as dire as me circulating the garden by bike. As bad as by bike, as in, I don't go anywhere by bike. I don't even get up on a bike. Its a cursed object for me.

Most of the snaps were taken on the ground but by the end of the evening, the sky was full of pretty colours again so I may have taken one or two (or several.) self-portrait-style photos. I also filmed clips on my digital camera but hey, the lighting is awful - as always - and Windows Movie Maker isn't really going to improve that so hey ho, we will see how it goes ! Exclamation mark to emphasise the fact that I just accidentally rhymed.

My brain is fried so I'll write long paragraphs another time.
Again ! Unintentional rhyming ! Exclamation marks ! I need to go for a nap !

Grace x 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Hi ! Hi ! Hi ! On Saturday I went to my very first YouTube convention - CraicCon ! Unfortunately, my laptop is being uncooperative right now so we will have to wait a bit longer for the blog but ahhhh *exclaims in writing* what a great day ! If you're wondering, I attended the convention with Jane - who I hadn't seen in over a year - and her two friends Lauren and Evlyn (THEY'RE TWINS AND WHY AM I TYPING IN CAP LOCKS !) ! The panels were due to begin at 1pm (one o' clock Irish time of course. As in, very unpredictable.) and registration actually wasn't until 11am so after a lot of getting lost, breaking two women's jog by asking them for directions and then getting lost again, I spent the first few minutes of my day in the UCD Student Centre waiting for Jane, Lauren and Evlyn, trying not to look like a loner but also contemplating whether or not to make an attempt to befriend or introduce myself to other content creators while I waited. This theme of contemplation in terms of deciding whether or not to approach YouTubers who are our own damn age with the a similar amount of subscribers, whose CraicCon vlogs and other videos we had watched before continued when Jane arrived and for the rest of the morning. Although we didn't completely defy the concept of making new friends, I mean I met Evlyn and Lauren (ALL I KNEW ABOUT THEM WAS THAT THEY WERE JANE'S FRIENDS AND THAT THEY HAD GOOD INSTAGRAM FEEDS ! AGAIN, WHY THE CAP LOCKS !) and the four of us managed to meet several other content creators who we didn't already know ! Okay, I may have been familiar with some of their channels previously.

The CraicCon panels themselves were very insightful but mainly hilarious ! The vlogging panel ended up, for me at least, being even funnier than the comedy panel that followed and what was more hilarious was Irish-isms, such as the legendary spice bag, Drogheda accents and the mart, being explained to the British content creators on the panels who I felt very sorry for as not only is the politics of their country all over the place due to aftermath of voting to no longer be a part of the EU, but they don't even have spice bags over to comfort themselves ! How are they living ! The highlight of all the panels was NewTube. NewTube, hosted by Clisare, consisted of six members of the audience being picked at random (using raffle tickets.) to take part in a panel where they would speak about their YouTube channels. Anyhow, some absolute chancer who didn't actually have a running YouTube channel was one of those who got picked. This resulted in him leaving everyone in the audience in stitches by repeatedly bringing up his fatty bojangles video and insisting on permanently holding the microphone with the lad he was sharing it with. You had to have been there to understand why this was so entertaining. Our CraicCon adventures also end here as we unfortunately had to go home. Leaving any panel involved sneaking out because damn child, you will get called out for escaping that room ! We did get called out just as we ran out the doors as more than several happened to follow our direction. We just kind of mumbled, "oops". 

As I said, my laptop is being a little stubborn this evening so here, I introduce to you some screencaps from the video that is yet to be edited ! CraicCon was a great day and although I slightly regretted not mixing more, I was so glad that I got to see Jane again and met Evlyn and Lauren ! It also left me feeling a little more concrete about my ideas of studying film when I finish school next year.

In other news, I have just had the most brilliant day, to the point that I burst out crying twice this afternoon !

Grace x