Monday, 11 July 2016

A Matter of Time

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This dress is one of my favourites, simply because of the shape and style. It is beautifully shapeless, a  flowing shift dress and I feel like the character of Cassie Ainsworth from Skins or Twiggy when wearing it. However, the problem arises when I have bigger hips than those two icons so a dress in such a style is one that I don't generally like the look of on my body. I am the biggest hypocrite around since I do not recommend or support the idea of hiding the shape of one's body. However, I do admit that when wearing this dress, I usually layer up with a long tee and a long cardigan or flannel to avoid emphasising the outline of the dress. If I owned some pins and knew how to use them correctly, I would give this piece some kind of fitted shape but unfortunately this isn't the case. But on Friday, one of my hair clips surprisingly did the job and although it involved a lot of re-fixing throughout the day and evening, it also ended up adding another little touch to the ensemble, keeping up one side of the tank top that I layered over the dress. By the time I put on my shirt and bag, I felt so comfortable in my outfit - I'm not even going to apologise when I say that I felt very relaxed and cool in this ! On a side note, I feel as if this flannel has been in every post of this blog ever since I bought it in March but its so handy for layering why wouldn't it be making constant appearances ! 

The weeks are flying by - what is happening ! I've been putting off Japanese homework and all revision in general for over a week now since I am in denial that we're almost half-way through July, i.e almost half a week behind on that imaginary, non-existent revision schedule I planned on beginning at the start of the month. The high-street stores are also beginning to bring in their autumn and winter stock - I swear it gets earlier every year - and even though I have been opting for second-hand more often lately, I am hyped even just to 'window shop' and browse through New Look, Penneys, etc. ! I just love the more autumnal colours so much and strangely enough, I have been missing and longing for the colder months lately. Like any July, we're experiencing colder kinds of weather here in Ireland so I just want the beacons of mass-consumerism to assure me that it is okay to pretend that its the middle of October and that Halloween is next week !

Have a happy Monday !

Grace x 


  1. You take Japanese?! That's so cool! When I was younger I tried to self teach myself (it was a major failure, despite me still,to this day, remembering some basic vocabulary). I wish it were about to be autumn or winter in America. It's scorching hot. I just want to wear my sweaters...

    1. I do - its such an interesting subject ! And it was so warm in Ireland today for once aaahhh


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