Saturday, 16 July 2016

Broken Rounds

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I've been finding so much inspiration from various sources lately, however, those sprinkles (please, if my friends are reading - NO BLOG NAME PUNS ! I beg !) of inspiration have rarely been developing into ideas and sketches for photographs nor have I had the motivation to advance plans further. Call this next sentence an exaggeration if you like but its excruciatingly frustrating feeling so surrounded (although not to the point of being overwhelmed.) by inspiration - whether that be the music that I currently listen to on repeat, the social media users who I looked up to or the gorgeous weather we are currently being graced with here in Ireland - yet not being able to turn them into decent photo series. It probably does not help that I have both a horrible lack of focus and a growing fear of every photo I take appearing too similar to the previous and the previous to that previous one. I also spend way too long lying exhausted in my bed or sitting on the side of my bed in the middle of the day, either thinking about nothing or thinking to the point that I need to tell my brain to 'shut the front door'. I hear that that is a new way of saying 'shut up'. I may get down the upcoming colloquial phrases before September dawns on us.

I did have an idea for this post. Adele's latest song. It reminds me of Lorde's 'Royals' a lot since the first few times I heard the song, I expected the artist singing it to be a completely different person to who it actually was. So every time I listen to 'Send Your Love', I think of the colour red. Not a bright shade but a deep darkened one - a garnet - as that is what I always saw when listening to 'Royals', mainly since 'R' is for both 'Royals' and 'red' and its that kind of colour that you expect to be associated with anything royal. Anyhow, I had planned on incorporating items of red throughout the photos of this post but I couldn't evolve the idea any further, besides the fact that all the colours would create some kind of intense combination, and it has really being annoying me to the point that it has been almost all I think about. And that is why Grace, Sixth Year and creativity are not going to be best friends in September. I need to stop saying those nine letters. 

It is now half past eleven at night, meaning that it is way too late to write out an entire list here of what has been inspiring me lately so I suppose that I will continue to attempt to convince myself in my own head that there is something !

Grace x 

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