Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Hi ! Hi ! Hi ! On Saturday I went to my very first YouTube convention - CraicCon ! Unfortunately, my laptop is being uncooperative right now so we will have to wait a bit longer for the blog but ahhhh *exclaims in writing* what a great day ! If you're wondering, I attended the convention with Jane - who I hadn't seen in over a year - and her two friends Lauren and Evlyn (THEY'RE TWINS AND WHY AM I TYPING IN CAP LOCKS !) ! The panels were due to begin at 1pm (one o' clock Irish time of course. As in, very unpredictable.) and registration actually wasn't until 11am so after a lot of getting lost, breaking two women's jog by asking them for directions and then getting lost again, I spent the first few minutes of my day in the UCD Student Centre waiting for Jane, Lauren and Evlyn, trying not to look like a loner but also contemplating whether or not to make an attempt to befriend or introduce myself to other content creators while I waited. This theme of contemplation in terms of deciding whether or not to approach YouTubers who are our own damn age with the a similar amount of subscribers, whose CraicCon vlogs and other videos we had watched before continued when Jane arrived and for the rest of the morning. Although we didn't completely defy the concept of making new friends, I mean I met Evlyn and Lauren (ALL I KNEW ABOUT THEM WAS THAT THEY WERE JANE'S FRIENDS AND THAT THEY HAD GOOD INSTAGRAM FEEDS ! AGAIN, WHY THE CAP LOCKS !) and the four of us managed to meet several other content creators who we didn't already know ! Okay, I may have been familiar with some of their channels previously.

The CraicCon panels themselves were very insightful but mainly hilarious ! The vlogging panel ended up, for me at least, being even funnier than the comedy panel that followed and what was more hilarious was Irish-isms, such as the legendary spice bag, Drogheda accents and the mart, being explained to the British content creators on the panels who I felt very sorry for as not only is the politics of their country all over the place due to aftermath of voting to no longer be a part of the EU, but they don't even have spice bags over to comfort themselves ! How are they living ! The highlight of all the panels was NewTube. NewTube, hosted by Clisare, consisted of six members of the audience being picked at random (using raffle tickets.) to take part in a panel where they would speak about their YouTube channels. Anyhow, some absolute chancer who didn't actually have a running YouTube channel was one of those who got picked. This resulted in him leaving everyone in the audience in stitches by repeatedly bringing up his fatty bojangles video and insisting on permanently holding the microphone with the lad he was sharing it with. You had to have been there to understand why this was so entertaining. Our CraicCon adventures also end here as we unfortunately had to go home. Leaving any panel involved sneaking out because damn child, you will get called out for escaping that room ! We did get called out just as we ran out the doors as more than several happened to follow our direction. We just kind of mumbled, "oops". 

As I said, my laptop is being a little stubborn this evening so here, I introduce to you some screencaps from the video that is yet to be edited ! CraicCon was a great day and although I slightly regretted not mixing more, I was so glad that I got to see Jane again and met Evlyn and Lauren ! It also left me feeling a little more concrete about my ideas of studying film when I finish school next year.

In other news, I have just had the most brilliant day, to the point that I burst out crying twice this afternoon !

Grace x 

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