Saturday, 2 July 2016

Little Sunshine

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Last night we could see this beautiful orange peach sky from the back garden so with little time to take out mam's camera and put together any kind of 'props', I ran outside with the camera, my fairy wings and the precious blue glitter eyeliner. The rain had been lashing all day so it had left a pool on the railway sleepers which the sky was bouncing off beautifully. So, I set my camera up on it and decided to do a little dance with my feet to show off the reflection but it ended up being the sky itself, minus the reflection, that I loved about the setting. Also, it was an achievement and a half, capturing the final photo. This swing seat has been so weathered that there is a permanent eeriness about it and I can never manage to take a half decent looking photo of it but here's a start ! At some stage, I really hope to capture the detail of the grubbiness, the rips and the moss. It's kind of strange how all the colours fit together in the end - the oranges, the yellows and the reds. If you hadn't noticed already, I'm not a big fan of photgraphing warmer colours unless we're speaking about yellow or they're being used to clash with the colder shades. The warmer shades really brought out the bright points in these photos and it has surprised me as to how well they've turned out - I guess that I could try not to be so discriminative against those hues !

Today I went to Craic Con which I will be writing about later on in the week. Between taking these photographs last night and sitting through the panels with like-minded people today, I've become so sure of my hope to study film after I finish school next year ! Like most, my ideas of what career path I want to follow in the future is always changing, either that or I'm unsure of what I hope at that time to do. But whatever that idea is, it is always creatively based. Somehow, I feel really confident right now that working with some kind of moving image is where I see myself in the future which is so strange for me and a little scary as it's the kind of certain that doesn't feel like it's going to change anytime soon !

I bet I'll be back confused in a few days !

Grace x

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