Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Approaching the Final First Day

So I was hoping that this post would be a lot better than it is ! I have had the photo set ideas stuck in my head for months now - a 'final stop' analogy - quite cheesy I know, however, entering the final year of second-level education does seem quite a milestone. I wanted to take photographs around dusk around bus stops, traffic lights, contrasting the darkness and artificial lights from shops, signs, etc. but I just haven't reached the confidence I'd hoped to have by now, in order to take the camera outside the comfortable surroundings of my house, let alone ask others to pop their heads into images ! With that being said, I feel that I have grown in confidence so much this summer, especially since I have left the house so much. It has definitely been the best summer to date and I am constantly feelin so grateful for it - even yesterday and today, I lunch out with mam and my brother yesterday and then spent the afternoon with friends today. To a past-version of myself, being so outgoing or active in the final days of the holidays would be an alien concept ! 

As I said, when I have been imagining this post, I have had certain ideas in mind and even text floating around, to go along with it. Mainly revolved around the three words, I am terrified. Because I am. Not of the ridiculous pressure that I will be faced with by myself and the unfair education system over these next nine months. Not of the copious amounts of homework that I will be handed. Not even of the CAO forms that I will potentially carve my future with. But the fact that this time next year I will have left the comfort of secondary school and how everyday is quite similar to that of the previous and next over these past few years.

Its a long way away but to be quite honest, I'm terrified.

Grace x

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Greetings ! Last night was one of my best friends' eighteenth party which called for the last social outing before school returns - I haven't actually formally acknowledged this yet, I'm still perceiving Monday and Tuesday as another week - and delicious food ! My friends also tend to dress up on the rare occasion that we go out for a meal (generally some of the few times we see each other outside of school.) and every time, I tend to wear the same dress so I was adamant on finding a new dress to try out. I was beginning to accept that I'd throw something together (which would have, of course, been grand !) when on Friday, I finally found something in Oxfam ! And it was a euro, I repeat, a euro ! This amazing dress costed a euro ! The halterneck initially turned me off it, although I managed to hide it with my hair without any effort, but I am just so in love with the rest of the dress ! From the mesh ends to the lace detail, it is so beautiful ! Wearing it also marked another win for Grace over clothing fear since it was a little low-cut. I feel so uncomfortable wearing anything that is not high-necked - hence why the above photos are even more awkward than usual - but I ended up feeling so confident, it was brilliant ! Whilst we're on the topic of second-hand shops, I need to rave ! The past fortnight, I have also bought two DVDS (Easy A and Bend it Like Beckham.) for a euro each in a different charity shop and a film camera (pictured in my previous post.) for a fiver in a second-hand store !

Yesterday, I somehow managed to spend the afternoon at my friend's for Dungeons and Dragons and the evening at a restaurant for my friend's eighteenth without losing my head ! It was so nice to see a lot of my friends who I hadn't really seen all summer and the food was also insanely good, bar the fact that I always order pepperoni pizza, even though I don't have the appetite to finish it all on my own ! Compared to the majority of my friends, I have barely any photos from the night which I really regret ! I don't enjoy taking selfies in public. I feel really strange when either others or myself are doing so, which I know seems ironic considering I take so many photos of myself in outfits to write about on here, although even then, I'd prefer to be more like unidentifiable mannequin wearing the combinations ! Leaving the lack of photos aside, it was a brilliant evening and again, food. I will never become sick of fried calamari !

Grace x 

Thursday, 25 August 2016


This month's playlist, which consists of practically everything from classic rock to bubblegum pop, is around a week early, just since its easier this month. 

My favourite song this past month has probably been "This Girl". Its constantly being played on the radio, the vocals are amazing, the entire track is really catchy so I find myself humming along every time I hear it. Also, I only watched the music video last weekend and it is so so gorgeous, I just love the song even more now ! Next up, "Had Ten Dollaz" is such a cool song ! Not only does it give off such angsty vibes, the guitar riff and mix of whimsical and raucous vocals blend so well together. I first heard "Drifting" at the end of an episode of the new season of Degrassi last month and have been listening to it quite a lot since. I completely forgot to include it in July's playlist but I love how it goes from such a calm mood to a sudden eruption of loudness, its brilliant the tone that it creates ! I have also been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath again and my favourite at the moment is "Changes".

I have previously listened to "Ribs" non-stop but one day, I was listening to it in the car and then at my friend's house so I thought that I'd give it a little mention in the list. Again, another artist I've been listening to all week, Flume. "Insane" has been on repeat since the beginning of it is beautiful. If you haven't worked it out after the past few playlists, Surf Curse are currently one of my favourite bands and there is rarely a month where they don't feature in a playlist - this month's being "Ponyboy" which is brilliant and I adore the bass line ! I've been loving this song "Toothbrush" for the past week or so since it is played on the radio the whole bloody time, it is so catchy and I love the guitar in it and then I find out - bam ! The band, DNCE, is fronted by Joe Jonas who actually happens to have a an amazing voice ! I've also been loving Little Mix's "Hair". I wouldn't usually listen to that genre of  music but their harmonies and individual voices are so incredible and the music video is also great ! 

I've also been listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen again and "26" is currently my favourite track to listen to. Finally, I was watching Easy A (one of the best films I've watched with a disappointingly predictable ending.) and "Don't You (Forget About Me.)", which is one of my favourite songs, plays at the end after references to eighties' films earlier on in the movie. So I was doing my subtle bad dad dancing during that, that's all good. Then later on at the shopping centre, the same song begins playing and I began freaking out, leaving my friend amused by the whole situation. I swear that I am not an embarrassing person to hang around with.

Grace x

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Currently listening to : Toothbrush | Hair

Only an eejit, such as myself, would wear out their new heeled boots to "break them in" with a heavy, denim maxi skirt that is just a tad too long for their little legs. The skirt in question is my aunt's from the nineties. It reminds me of both seventies plus obviously nineties fashion trends and I feel so stylish whenever I try it on, I'm just here like "have I nailed the whole 'vintage' look yet ?". The only downside is that its such heavy material, since I'm not used to wearing trousers, etc., as well the length being slightly problematic for my lack of height. However, luckily, I was sitting down for the entire evening - although, again ten out of ten don't recommend wearing in a stuffy room - and also, the split in the middle makes walking so much easier ! Okay, so I may have resembled a big idiot, walking at a fast pace, whilst attempting to bunch up the ends of the skirt, but maybe I resembled a big fashionable idiot ? I'm beginning to sound materialistic here.

On another note, my boots ! I was looking at a similar pair in New Look which went to the knee (I decided during the summer that knee-high boots, regardless of my, again, lack of height.) but then found this pair reduced to twenty quid in a local shop ! Needless to say, absolute bargain, except they're so high and I feel so tall in them that I'd be afraid of it being a little too strange to wear them all the time - bar when I'm in school, of course. I wore this last night to my friend's because apparently it was going to be cold and that was not the story ! However, chatter, Mean Girls, pepperoni (at this stage of writing, vegetarian grace reminds grace that pepperoni is actually meat, what a plot twist.) pizza and peanut butter ice cream generally distracts one from how stuffy she feels ! 

Yesterday evening also rekindled my love for the music channels. We had started watching a horror movie, except nobody was really paying attention so we switched to alternating between various music channels for the rest of the evening and it was gold ! I used to adore the music channels when I was younger. When PopGirl didn't have their chart hour on (highlight of the bloody day or week during the summer holidays.) I would watch 4Music,The Vault or The Chart Show. However, we ended up losing the PopGirl channel and by the time it came back on our telly, I had grown a little too old for it and then 4Music disappeared from the television too so the last time I can remember properly watching music channels was in First Year. Should probably mention that another highlight of the music channels was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and other shows that I was probably deemed too young to watch, oops. Since then, I generally only watch the music channels around Christmas time (THE BEST TIME TO HAVE A MUSIC CHANNEL ON IN THE BACKGROUND !) but I didn't sleep well during the night and ended up in the living room with practically no sleep at quarter to six in the morning. The Olympics highlights were a little boring, I couldn't find the recording of the rhythmic gymnastics final and I had already read the headlines on my phone so of course, I switched to the music channels !

Grace x

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


It feels as if
The other day
Everything was tall
And I was aware of next to nothing
Little has changed
I may be a little taller
I may use google
But I am still having to reach
I can't catch up
I can't speak up
Tug-of-war, these in-between days

It feels as if
I've only turned ten years old
Everyone is sometimes my friend
I am not afraid of changed
Some day I will be able to run
as fast as the others
But has that some day arrived
Or is it yet to come
Now I find myself close to a few
Though often I wish to connect with no one
I am terrified
Of what will follow after this coming year
I find difficulties in leaving
Eras, months, seconds
I remain half the playground
The Rest
Tug-of-war, these in-between days

It feels as if
I am yet to greet puberty
Scarlet has never been
to visit my knickers
There's been no reply
from the letter
I sent to a
Desired pair of breasts
Sexual thoughts
are for 'sluts'
And adolescent boys who are 'gross'
Now it is I
Who seems ultimately 'gross'
Scarlet turns up any day
She doesn't even leave a
Warning note
Do these noobs that are boobs
Look better bunched together
Or hid away under a masculine t-shirt
That lust side of my brain
Remains to confuse me
I'm a bloody late bloomer
Tug-of-war, these in-between days

I guess that's it
getting to the age
Where I should know what's happening
Dolls and ball pools
Are quite ten years ago
Yet soon when you are to hand me
A can
Accompanied by
A CAO form
I will probably laugh in your face
Am I so convinced
That I was such a child
Only yesterday
That I remain
So naive
To the
Adolescenthood that I will soon leave
But with one foot remaining in
Whilst the other attempts to leave
Tug-of-war, these in-between days


My first day of Sixth Year is in three weeks, I know too many people turning eighteen lately, as well as too many people receiving Leaving Cert results !

Also, I'm thinking of making YouTube videos again soon, probably starting with this piece ... there are too many embarrassing videos of me, aged fourteen, thinking that I am great at applying makeup and my friends have them all - I sh** you not, all of them - downloaded in case I delete any.

It can't get much worse, can it ?


Monday, 15 August 2016

Beneath the Outer Layer

Currently playing : Ponyboy

So this isn't necessary one of my favourite outfits to wear as of recently, however I wanted an excuse was needed to show off the oul' hair so here we are ! As I said previously, it appears similar to doll's hair, reminding me a little of when I would brush my Bratz dolls' hair which would proceed to sit on them like a mattress. Besides that, I do find it fascinating how straightening the mane has caused it to seem longer and thicker, even though its been cut ! A miracle !

An Instagram account that I have been loooving lately is Melbourne artist, Celeste Mountjoy's filthyratbag. It consists of these satirical drawings which are a little too true and relatable, yet never cliche (in fact, they're pretty much ripping the piss out of your average "hashtag relatable" post.) and at sixteen, she is basically wiser and groovier than I will ever been in my lifetime, like what the heck. My favourite drawings of hers include this, this, this, this, this and this ! That last one I almost full-on howled at. She also posts selfies sometimes and again, she is so groovy, basically my new style icon next to Ellie Nash, parallel styles, but I'm not even sorry. Also, I've been reading Tavi Gevinson interviews lately, another forever bad-ass woman who started off her career on the Internet. Here and here are both worth a read !

Why are my blogposts so short ?

Grace x

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Currently playing : Ribs | Insane

The sunsets of the past few evenings - bar this evening when the grey sky removed to make way for some colour - have been amazing and fascinating ! The photos above were taken the other evening. Way too much spent on this blog discussing sunsets and the weather (the epitome of being Irish.) but last night's sunset was so beautifully strange. You can imagine how mad I was when it dawned as I was at a friend's without my camera, only accompanied by my phone and a disposable running low on film roll ! My friend wanted to buy food so I went out with her, in order to watch the sky, and the calm orange glow that beamed off each wall beneath an eerily grey sky was again, so so beautiful ! This led to me uploading the first phone camera photograph to my Instagram in a good two months (plot twist.). And also my other friend referring to the day as one to be worshipped, due to the "best sky of the year".

In other developments, I got my hair trimmed the other day for the first time since Transition Year but you would never know because the hairdresser straightened these locks ! I feel like a doll with my mane and long, sleek and shiny - it is sitting on me as if it was a wig ! I also got the underneath layers around the back so not only do I no longer need to worry about strands knotting together into in a matted mess, the back of my head now feels all fluffy ! Its brilliant !

Sixth Year is also dawning on us, as it approaches in eighteen days, and at the stage I am forced to restrain myself from walking away every time the first words in a conversation consist of anything relating to the final year of second-level education. Yay. I haven't exactly come to terms with the fact that we're entering our last year of being in secondary school and that it comes with preparation of the Leaving Cert. Sometimes I wish that the education system was similar to the likes of the United States, alloweing for Sixth Year to be more enjoyable, considering that it is the final period of 'childhood' in a way for most. For those of us who plan to attend uni, we won't experience the full burden and responsibility for another few years, however, not everyone goes on to college, etc. so I don't really see how the constraints of that final year make sense.

Another short post as I am losing my train of thought.

Grace x 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Blue Sunshine

Currently playing : Changes | Drifting 

The days keep becoming shorter and its just my luck that just as its too dark to take outfit photos after coming home from a day or evening out, I begin being the type of person who gets ready at the very last minute and therefore, does not have time to take a snap of the clothes she is wearing before leaving the house. It all sounds very superficial so I tried to make it look casual when I tip-toed back out the front with both a tripod and camera in hand, yesterday evening. I might have left it but I loved what I was wearing so much and probably won't wear the outfit again (more surrounding that in a moment.) so I took the chance and went ! It was so dark that I was experimenting with my manual settings to a level I previously avoided ! The result is slightly more blurry than desirable, but what can you do ! I think that I may have succeeded in creating the impression of a brighter time of evening.

As I said, I love love loved my outfit yesterday ! I felt like Ellie Nash (character from Degrassi : The Next Generation. Basically my style icon.), half my outfit - the t-shirt and mesh top - were bought in charity shops and matching colours were such a strange combination but I repeat, I loved it ! At the stage, it all seems to be going too well, I spent half the film that we went to see (again, I'll get to that in a minute.) daydreaming about all outfits I could create, based on my beautiful mesh top during the winter. That was until I got home to find that the blue dye of the top had bled through to my yellow t-shirt underneath my arms ! I wasn't even wearing deodorant ! Basically, a major bummer since it reduces my options but I guess that the majority of the t-shirts in my wardrobe are black !

I wore this outfit to the cinema and Chinese all-you-can-eat ! My friends and I went to see Suicide Squad which everyone, including myself, already knew was most likely going to be awful. The general verdict afterwards was that it could have been brilliant if they had actually compiled the scenes correctly ! The film did not flow at all, it was if random scenes had just been put together for no apparent reason causing there to be little to none substance, development or background to the plot. It was easy to miss or forget important developments that were practically skipped through. Besides that, the acting was brilliant bar Cara Delevingne who's acting, in my opinion, does not suit superhero and sci-fi films and then Jared Leto. Oh, Jared Leto, what an awful Joker. There is no question really in why half his scenes were apparently cut. He overacted The Joker, it was dire. His scenes resembled something out of a pantomime. Also, as much as Margot Robbie is an amazing actress, I could not stand Harley Quinn in this film. Most people who I have talked with about the character in this film have said that she's there for the "emo effect" and really, watching the character could either one of two ways. Either not being able to take her seriously at all and finding it a little cringy or romanticising the character's mental state. It just didn't make sense to me. All in all, the music was the best aspect of the film - Paranoid, Bohemian Rhapsody, Seven Nation Army, Sympathy for the Devil.

Grace x