Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Approaching the Final First Day

So I was hoping that this post would be a lot better than it is ! I have had the photo set ideas stuck in my head for months now - a 'final stop' analogy - quite cheesy I know, however, entering the final year of second-level education does seem quite a milestone. I wanted to take photographs around dusk around bus stops, traffic lights, contrasting the darkness and artificial lights from shops, signs, etc. but I just haven't reached the confidence I'd hoped to have by now, in order to take the camera outside the comfortable surroundings of my house, let alone ask others to pop their heads into images ! With that being said, I feel that I have grown in confidence so much this summer, especially since I have left the house so much. It has definitely been the best summer to date and I am constantly feelin so grateful for it - even yesterday and today, I lunch out with mam and my brother yesterday and then spent the afternoon with friends today. To a past-version of myself, being so outgoing or active in the final days of the holidays would be an alien concept ! 

As I said, when I have been imagining this post, I have had certain ideas in mind and even text floating around, to go along with it. Mainly revolved around the three words, I am terrified. Because I am. Not of the ridiculous pressure that I will be faced with by myself and the unfair education system over these next nine months. Not of the copious amounts of homework that I will be handed. Not even of the CAO forms that I will potentially carve my future with. But the fact that this time next year I will have left the comfort of secondary school and how everyday is quite similar to that of the previous and next over these past few years.

Its a long way away but to be quite honest, I'm terrified.

Grace x


  1. I am so glad this was a great summer for you! It is always nice when you are able to really enjoy those lovely warm months :)


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