Monday, 15 August 2016

Beneath the Outer Layer

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So this isn't necessary one of my favourite outfits to wear as of recently, however I wanted an excuse was needed to show off the oul' hair so here we are ! As I said previously, it appears similar to doll's hair, reminding me a little of when I would brush my Bratz dolls' hair which would proceed to sit on them like a mattress. Besides that, I do find it fascinating how straightening the mane has caused it to seem longer and thicker, even though its been cut ! A miracle !

An Instagram account that I have been loooving lately is Melbourne artist, Celeste Mountjoy's filthyratbag. It consists of these satirical drawings which are a little too true and relatable, yet never cliche (in fact, they're pretty much ripping the piss out of your average "hashtag relatable" post.) and at sixteen, she is basically wiser and groovier than I will ever been in my lifetime, like what the heck. My favourite drawings of hers include this, this, this, this, this and this ! That last one I almost full-on howled at. She also posts selfies sometimes and again, she is so groovy, basically my new style icon next to Ellie Nash, parallel styles, but I'm not even sorry. Also, I've been reading Tavi Gevinson interviews lately, another forever bad-ass woman who started off her career on the Internet. Here and here are both worth a read !

Why are my blogposts so short ?

Grace x

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