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Only an eejit, such as myself, would wear out their new heeled boots to "break them in" with a heavy, denim maxi skirt that is just a tad too long for their little legs. The skirt in question is my aunt's from the nineties. It reminds me of both seventies plus obviously nineties fashion trends and I feel so stylish whenever I try it on, I'm just here like "have I nailed the whole 'vintage' look yet ?". The only downside is that its such heavy material, since I'm not used to wearing trousers, etc., as well the length being slightly problematic for my lack of height. However, luckily, I was sitting down for the entire evening - although, again ten out of ten don't recommend wearing in a stuffy room - and also, the split in the middle makes walking so much easier ! Okay, so I may have resembled a big idiot, walking at a fast pace, whilst attempting to bunch up the ends of the skirt, but maybe I resembled a big fashionable idiot ? I'm beginning to sound materialistic here.

On another note, my boots ! I was looking at a similar pair in New Look which went to the knee (I decided during the summer that knee-high boots, regardless of my, again, lack of height.) but then found this pair reduced to twenty quid in a local shop ! Needless to say, absolute bargain, except they're so high and I feel so tall in them that I'd be afraid of it being a little too strange to wear them all the time - bar when I'm in school, of course. I wore this last night to my friend's because apparently it was going to be cold and that was not the story ! However, chatter, Mean Girls, pepperoni (at this stage of writing, vegetarian grace reminds grace that pepperoni is actually meat, what a plot twist.) pizza and peanut butter ice cream generally distracts one from how stuffy she feels ! 

Yesterday evening also rekindled my love for the music channels. We had started watching a horror movie, except nobody was really paying attention so we switched to alternating between various music channels for the rest of the evening and it was gold ! I used to adore the music channels when I was younger. When PopGirl didn't have their chart hour on (highlight of the bloody day or week during the summer holidays.) I would watch 4Music,The Vault or The Chart Show. However, we ended up losing the PopGirl channel and by the time it came back on our telly, I had grown a little too old for it and then 4Music disappeared from the television too so the last time I can remember properly watching music channels was in First Year. Should probably mention that another highlight of the music channels was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and other shows that I was probably deemed too young to watch, oops. Since then, I generally only watch the music channels around Christmas time (THE BEST TIME TO HAVE A MUSIC CHANNEL ON IN THE BACKGROUND !) but I didn't sleep well during the night and ended up in the living room with practically no sleep at quarter to six in the morning. The Olympics highlights were a little boring, I couldn't find the recording of the rhythmic gymnastics final and I had already read the headlines on my phone so of course, I switched to the music channels !

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