Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Feather Plum Fairy

These photographs were taken last Friday when I was at home with no plans, music being played in town could be heard and it wasn't raining !!! This year, the turbulent Irish weather graced our area with mostly decent weather for the weekend of the local festival kind of thing that I ramble about every year - here, here, here, here, here and here. Friday's outfit is from when I was in town that afternoon but I didn't plan to take a photo of what I wore on Saturday and didn't have time to do so on Sunday after so I may photographically record the two outfits next time I wear them because I felt like such a little alt-kid in them ! Besides that, the amusements had bag checks this year and therefore became pretty unattractive to even go for a wander around since they would have spend more time rooting through my bag than I would have going for a nose around or even if I'd chosen to give the waltzers ago. So I stood next to the entrance to snap a photo of the pretty lights on my disposable and left. The opening act on Sunday night were brilliant and I got to see my friends who I took photos of (again on disposable.) and also pizza. I feel as if pizza is a member of this particular group of friends at this stage since it is a pillar in many a social gathering.

I had a slight (that adjective is a euphemism.) creative block as per usual and I spotted the feather boa and bubbles in each of the corners of my eyes. Both being some shade of purple, I figured that they could be used in a series of photos.

Last night, I finished episode two of Stranger Things and I am hooked ! I was unsure of whether I'd enjoy the series or not, however after my friend drew comparisons between it and Freaks and Geeks, I was fully convinced. Everything from the music and colouring to the characters and acting, the nods to 80's classics such as 'E.T' it is so so amazing and 100% worth the hype ! It is not surprising that the show already has such a following. I will probably write a post about the series whenever I finish watching every episode, although I am yet to write about Degrassi so I may complete that first. Finally, the first issue of Bloom Magazine arrived in the post today, immediately lifting my spirits since it is brilliant ! So once I deal with beginning studying, I will probably spend the rest of the evening ogling the beautiful photos and searching songs from the playlists !

Grace x


  1. I love this photo collection! How beautiful x


  2. These photos are wonderful! I love that the feather boa and the bubbles sparked your creativity!

    1. Thanks so much ! It's the smallest things ahaha


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