Friday, 30 September 2016

Start Shaking

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Today was non-uniform day at school which is always one of my favourite days of the academic year since I can be comfortable in my own damn clothes ! This year we had a theme, specifically a seventies themed, which made things a little frustrating so I spent all week worrying over whether to go preppy, punk or as a member of The Runaways. Although, that in turn, derailed me from stressing over which college I want to study in next year so you can take the distraction as a positive or negative. In the end, my outfit wasn't exactly my favourite to have worn on a non-uniform day as I would have liked to have added a few less feminine elements. However, as always, I decided to go way out of my comfort zone, cue unnecessary anxiousness as I approached the school but just like every year, those worries somehow morphed into confidence by the time I reached the school doors ! 

I wore four inch heeled boots to school ! I repeat, four bloody inch heels ! This should really be the title of this post, if not the opening line ! I have no idea how I got through the entire day and evening without slipping once but I did it and it felt amazing ! Considering I have awful coordination, I do love wearing heels and strangely find them so so comfortable to wear plus they are a great boost for my self-esteem. Not only did I learn today that being a little taller than usual creates a lack of short jokes from friends for the day (THANK YOU HEELED BOOT BABIES, YEA THANKS !) but I also discovered that being short can have one, maybe pushing for two, perks. That one being that the sink is much easier to reach when brushing teeth in the morning. Cue me screaming into mam, "I NEVER REALISED I WAS THIS SHORT !"

I can't believe I have spent an entire post rambling about what I wore today without even getting to describe it - what ! My hair is too long to spike with sugar and water and I've been too tired to put together a proper punk look so I went for a more preppy style with the blue blouse, A-line skirt and knee highs. I tried to add in a few punk elements with the double-winged eyeliner, which I forgot to photograph close-ups, the lace and also my leather jacket and chunky boots. I never wear knee-highs to the knee, especially not with these boots, since I'd be afraid of being cat called which is unfortunately the reality of things - even in a smaller town - but today I felt so confident, it was a 'feck it' moment ! And I should try make more moments 'feck it' moments, they're good.

Also, I went to see Bridget Jones's Baby this evening and oh my god, it was amazing ! My friends and I did not stop laughing for the entire film and it was also artistically beautiful - the locations are so well-chosen - and now I want to see it all over again !

On a final note, I listened to so much music this month that I'm going to leave it until the next post ! 

Grace x 

Sunday, 25 September 2016


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Last night called for Aveen's birthday at which stage, starter platter springs to mind and I become a little over-excited by the thoughts of calamari (FISH IS FOREVER HOLDING ME BACK FROM BEING A TRUE VEGAN !). I was also the youngest there, cue me being even quieter and stranger (I SWEAR I HAVE AN ACTUAL PERSONALITY, AN ACTUAL VOICE AND ACTUAL OPINIONS !) than I usually am at birthday dinners. Now would probably be a good time to mention that Grace being quiet and strange at sit down social outings involves Grace saying a. nothing whatsoever b. awkward fidgeting c. trying to give the impression that I have a decently functioning appetite d. the odd chuckle to a joke that I probably shouldn't understood. One would begin to question why I ever leave the house. Anyway, the highlight of the evening had to be Aveen's birthday cake which had a photo of Aveen's favourite Instagram goat - the name of whom I forget - and the entire situation was priceless ! The best part being the look on the waiter's face when he took it away to cut into pieces.

My outfit yesterday evening was put together at last minute and probably a little boring. We have a 70s themed non-uniform day at school next Friday which is really bothering me since I want to have fun dressing up except themes are almost like a restriction and I can't be a**ed to turn in a deliberately parallel style for the sake of it. Also, all the seventies styles I enjoy the look of are too risque - I wouldn't wear them around a free house, let alone down the street, let alone to school - and my hair is too long to spike up with sugary water. So that's all I think about in terms of clothes at the moment and I hadn't worn my mesh time in a while which prompted the need to give it a little love ! Left the flannel at home in the end but it can be really handy and comfortable if you're similar to myself and feel a little odd in tighter clothing.

Speaking of school and fashion, I have woven my way back into the web of love for makeup ! I kind of fell out with the whole idea last year and stuck to the one look for an entire twelve months, however I have returned to the bandwagon of so much makeup ! Its becoming only slightly ridiculous at this stage. Experimenting makeup has always been what I look forward to most in the morning, it is so much fun, and I probably experiment a little too much on schooldays. Since the beginning of term, I've been braving a red lip (THE FEAR OF BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK HAS FINALLY LEFT !) and the usual eyeliner every day but this week I left the reds at home and went a little wild with the eye shadows. On Friday morning I went on the search for eccentric looks from Milan Fashion Week and found photos of the amazing glitter lips and gapped winged eyeliner. I tweeted my attempts to recreate a toned down version the looks, although I forget to snap photos of the faded purple lips.

An impressive number of words in today's post - I am on a roll ! I haven't been snapping copious amount of cliche random-objects-with-the-background-of-a-cliche-sky photos yet and to be honest, my imagination is a little dead right now but hopefully I might get out this evening.

Also, one last thing - wow, I am really writing a bunch today ! I cut my revision early on Thursday evening after seeing the 'Boyhood' had finally come to Netflix and oh my gosh, it was so worth it ! When I first heard of the film when was initially released back in 2014, I presumed it was going to be cliche and overrated, however I was still quite intrigued. Although only extremely visually pleasing at the beginning and end, the entire story was just amazing and I am still not over the fact that the film was shot over twelve years ! It is such an incredibly unique film, its difficult to compare anything to it and I'm not sure if I have ever seen anything as good as it !

Grace x

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Little Ventures

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On Saturday my friends and I had our third little adventure out (okay, the second took place at my house which therefore only involved the other two venturing out.) known as 'Grarkack' because joining our names together was the extent of our combined creativity when it came to titling our group chat.

Under the illusion that the woods would appear or feel somewhat autumnal, I suggested the idea of venturing to the woods only to come across not one pile of brown, fallen leaves ! Also, the chestnuts were all crushed and strangely textured. There was also no distinct garlic aroma. However, we did encounter many an intriguing mushroom (apologies to my friend who despises the sight of the things !) which resulted in me constantly insisting on stopping to take a snap !

Grace x

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cola Grunge

I feel like such a witch wannabe princess in this photos ! My friends will call it 'goth' and thus, I will show them to many goth pages online where it will be discovered that I really don't pass for goth ! This dress is quickly becoming my favourite and I still can't believe that I only paid a euro in Oxfam for it. Although it sat a little funnily under this t-shirt, it remained very comfortable in comparison to some dresses I have worn under jumpers and t-shirts. Also the floating style, accompanied by lace and mesh, is still the best thing ever ! On a final note, these boots ! I can finally walk in them without stumbling all over the shop !

Our Internet has finally returned ! Mam texted to let me know just as we arrived back from Higher Options (a waste of money if you ask me.) on Thursday and it was amazing  - I am still having to remind myself that I don't need to alter my phone's settings when scrolling through Facebook to save data ! Other scenarios include me changing ideas of where I want to go to college next year over the course of less than a week so now not only am I sitting eight subjects, I am putting together a portfolio. Why do you do this to yourself, you ask. Yes, same. The strange realisation that my friends and I are 'getting older' or 'becoming adults' is beginning to hit again as we went out for dinner to celebrate an eighteenth's last night. Between the two legally able to drink people at the table ordering off the drinks menu and all the college talk, I spent most of the time contemplating whether or not I was mature enough to be approaching all these kind of milestones. 

The answer is probably a steady 'I don't know' if we are to poke fun at my indecisive nature,

Grace x 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

September Sunset

And on yet another afternoon I find myself in the library, purely to use their WiFi. I am really the worst example of a Sixth Year but in all fairness, we haven't been receiving a great deal of homework this week and that is something I expect to change soon so I may as well make the most of the reduced amount of stress while I can. If speaking of going to the library for the WiFi didn't give the game away, then yes, our Internet - after a week without it - is still yet to be fixed. Half coping considerably well without it, half wishing the services would hurry up and be done with it.

Yet another spam of sunsets due to both the lacking in Internet sources, time to take photographs and  decent weather. Today's sky has been beautiful, although somehow, I find myself wasting time at the library and if I wasn't to be doing that, I'd be at home studying. Also, as for the abundance of wild mushroom photos, we have so many peculiar looking ones in the garden this year. Some I can manage to take photos of, some I can't. I had to take several snaps of the mushrooms photographed above since they appeared of such a strange texture, it was kind of uncomfortable in a way.

Grace x 

Saturday, 10 September 2016


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We have been out of Internet since Wednesday morning so I have resorted to doing what is probably one of the awkwardest tasks that I have carried out. That task consists of sitting in the library, not alone but with friends, on my brother's laptop. That sounds all nice and normal until I add that I am uploading photos of myself on the Internet and it is taking forever. Its not like nobody has ever seen my blog or Instagram feed before, but I do feel compelled to start screaming "I'M NOT A NARCISSISTIC ! ITS ONLY PHOTOS OF THE CLOTHES ! ON MY BODY ! WITH MY HEAD SLOTTED ON TOP THERE TOO !". We have no idea as to when our Internet may or may not return so in that case, I am probably set to spend another few afternoons in here too.

I made an attempt to take autumnal-style outfit photos in a rush on low battery before heading out this morning. I usually wear this top back-to-front because of the low-cut V-neck. But it reminds me so much of ballet crossover cardigans or Regina George's top in this scene of Mean Girls so I decided to go for it by means of wearing the top the correct way around today. Accompanied by a cami underneath, I feel similar to some kind of 'hipster', however, I did take off the mustard beanie so lettuce halt the hipster jokes there. Lettuce puns.

The lack of Internet has been forcing me to be a little more productive with my time so that is one positive to this whole scenario. I haven't really been missing it too much, however it is quite a pain, considering that I haven't been for a scroll through my Instagram feed since Wednesday. I repeat, Wednesday ! 

What is becoming of me !

Grace x

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Flaming Charcoal

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I HAVE SURVIVED TWO AND A HALF DAYS OF SIXTH YEAR ! Being a student of the eldest year in the school, one of those who carries around books because there are too many squashed in one's bag, feels a tad bit out of place. I am probably still lacking in maturity and would perhaps blend in better with the First Years who congregate on the steps of the quad. Sitting on the steps. Of the Quad. Whilst I walk to the bench. About to step on them, most likely accidentally. In case you're worried, I keep a good eye on my footing and therefore, there has been no injuries concerning others or myself. I need a metal detector for Christmas but one that identifies 'smol' (am I edgy now ?) humans. One last note on the topic of First Years, can we not discuss how as the years progress, instead of becoming shorter and shorter, comparison to myself, they become taller and taller ! I can't think of any jokes to describe what its like when kids who are five years younger than one, are the same height or taller than oneself.

As for today's outfit, my brother was pleading with me to remove the floppy hat before leaving the house. I eventually did after we reached the shopping centre. I think I was dressed a little too 'hipster' for him. Why am I using inverted commas left, right and centre in today's post ? Anyhow, I am still in love with this dress ! Although it creates a kind of younger looking style, I've really been having fun with throwing it over various tees and long-sleeved tops lately. Its so relaxed and comfortable, yet one can also dress it up as I did today with a heap of necklaces. Also my lace top - I can't believe that I have not spoken about this on here yet ! I'm not sure as to whether or not it suits this dress but it looks amazing with anything black, it sometimes gives off gothic vibes. Did I mention that its dress-length and cost a fiver in the charity shop ?

Grace x