Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cola Grunge

I feel like such a witch wannabe princess in this photos ! My friends will call it 'goth' and thus, I will show them to many goth pages online where it will be discovered that I really don't pass for goth ! This dress is quickly becoming my favourite and I still can't believe that I only paid a euro in Oxfam for it. Although it sat a little funnily under this t-shirt, it remained very comfortable in comparison to some dresses I have worn under jumpers and t-shirts. Also the floating style, accompanied by lace and mesh, is still the best thing ever ! On a final note, these boots ! I can finally walk in them without stumbling all over the shop !

Our Internet has finally returned ! Mam texted to let me know just as we arrived back from Higher Options (a waste of money if you ask me.) on Thursday and it was amazing  - I am still having to remind myself that I don't need to alter my phone's settings when scrolling through Facebook to save data ! Other scenarios include me changing ideas of where I want to go to college next year over the course of less than a week so now not only am I sitting eight subjects, I am putting together a portfolio. Why do you do this to yourself, you ask. Yes, same. The strange realisation that my friends and I are 'getting older' or 'becoming adults' is beginning to hit again as we went out for dinner to celebrate an eighteenth's last night. Between the two legally able to drink people at the table ordering off the drinks menu and all the college talk, I spent most of the time contemplating whether or not I was mature enough to be approaching all these kind of milestones. 

The answer is probably a steady 'I don't know' if we are to poke fun at my indecisive nature,

Grace x 


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