Saturday, 10 September 2016


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We have been out of Internet since Wednesday morning so I have resorted to doing what is probably one of the awkwardest tasks that I have carried out. That task consists of sitting in the library, not alone but with friends, on my brother's laptop. That sounds all nice and normal until I add that I am uploading photos of myself on the Internet and it is taking forever. Its not like nobody has ever seen my blog or Instagram feed before, but I do feel compelled to start screaming "I'M NOT A NARCISSISTIC ! ITS ONLY PHOTOS OF THE CLOTHES ! ON MY BODY ! WITH MY HEAD SLOTTED ON TOP THERE TOO !". We have no idea as to when our Internet may or may not return so in that case, I am probably set to spend another few afternoons in here too.

I made an attempt to take autumnal-style outfit photos in a rush on low battery before heading out this morning. I usually wear this top back-to-front because of the low-cut V-neck. But it reminds me so much of ballet crossover cardigans or Regina George's top in this scene of Mean Girls so I decided to go for it by means of wearing the top the correct way around today. Accompanied by a cami underneath, I feel similar to some kind of 'hipster', however, I did take off the mustard beanie so lettuce halt the hipster jokes there. Lettuce puns.

The lack of Internet has been forcing me to be a little more productive with my time so that is one positive to this whole scenario. I haven't really been missing it too much, however it is quite a pain, considering that I haven't been for a scroll through my Instagram feed since Wednesday. I repeat, Wednesday ! 

What is becoming of me !

Grace x

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