Saturday, 3 September 2016

Flaming Charcoal

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I HAVE SURVIVED TWO AND A HALF DAYS OF SIXTH YEAR ! Being a student of the eldest year in the school, one of those who carries around books because there are too many squashed in one's bag, feels a tad bit out of place. I am probably still lacking in maturity and would perhaps blend in better with the First Years who congregate on the steps of the quad. Sitting on the steps. Of the Quad. Whilst I walk to the bench. About to step on them, most likely accidentally. In case you're worried, I keep a good eye on my footing and therefore, there has been no injuries concerning others or myself. I need a metal detector for Christmas but one that identifies 'smol' (am I edgy now ?) humans. One last note on the topic of First Years, can we not discuss how as the years progress, instead of becoming shorter and shorter, comparison to myself, they become taller and taller ! I can't think of any jokes to describe what its like when kids who are five years younger than one, are the same height or taller than oneself.

As for today's outfit, my brother was pleading with me to remove the floppy hat before leaving the house. I eventually did after we reached the shopping centre. I think I was dressed a little too 'hipster' for him. Why am I using inverted commas left, right and centre in today's post ? Anyhow, I am still in love with this dress ! Although it creates a kind of younger looking style, I've really been having fun with throwing it over various tees and long-sleeved tops lately. Its so relaxed and comfortable, yet one can also dress it up as I did today with a heap of necklaces. Also my lace top - I can't believe that I have not spoken about this on here yet ! I'm not sure as to whether or not it suits this dress but it looks amazing with anything black, it sometimes gives off gothic vibes. Did I mention that its dress-length and cost a fiver in the charity shop ?

Grace x


  1. Your style is so cool, I love this outfit! It exudes boho and grunge vibes and I really love the floppy hat, it's perfect for autumn, I'd love to find one like that myself :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks so muuuuuch :D floppy hats are the best !


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