Friday, 30 September 2016

Start Shaking

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Today was non-uniform day at school which is always one of my favourite days of the academic year since I can be comfortable in my own damn clothes ! This year we had a theme, specifically a seventies themed, which made things a little frustrating so I spent all week worrying over whether to go preppy, punk or as a member of The Runaways. Although, that in turn, derailed me from stressing over which college I want to study in next year so you can take the distraction as a positive or negative. In the end, my outfit wasn't exactly my favourite to have worn on a non-uniform day as I would have liked to have added a few less feminine elements. However, as always, I decided to go way out of my comfort zone, cue unnecessary anxiousness as I approached the school but just like every year, those worries somehow morphed into confidence by the time I reached the school doors ! 

I wore four inch heeled boots to school ! I repeat, four bloody inch heels ! This should really be the title of this post, if not the opening line ! I have no idea how I got through the entire day and evening without slipping once but I did it and it felt amazing ! Considering I have awful coordination, I do love wearing heels and strangely find them so so comfortable to wear plus they are a great boost for my self-esteem. Not only did I learn today that being a little taller than usual creates a lack of short jokes from friends for the day (THANK YOU HEELED BOOT BABIES, YEA THANKS !) but I also discovered that being short can have one, maybe pushing for two, perks. That one being that the sink is much easier to reach when brushing teeth in the morning. Cue me screaming into mam, "I NEVER REALISED I WAS THIS SHORT !"

I can't believe I have spent an entire post rambling about what I wore today without even getting to describe it - what ! My hair is too long to spike with sugar and water and I've been too tired to put together a proper punk look so I went for a more preppy style with the blue blouse, A-line skirt and knee highs. I tried to add in a few punk elements with the double-winged eyeliner, which I forgot to photograph close-ups, the lace and also my leather jacket and chunky boots. I never wear knee-highs to the knee, especially not with these boots, since I'd be afraid of being cat called which is unfortunately the reality of things - even in a smaller town - but today I felt so confident, it was a 'feck it' moment ! And I should try make more moments 'feck it' moments, they're good.

Also, I went to see Bridget Jones's Baby this evening and oh my god, it was amazing ! My friends and I did not stop laughing for the entire film and it was also artistically beautiful - the locations are so well-chosen - and now I want to see it all over again !

On a final note, I listened to so much music this month that I'm going to leave it until the next post ! 

Grace x 

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