Saturday, 29 October 2016

Shimmering Twirl

Currently listening to : I Could Be Happy

Not gloating or anything but all of my outfit today (bar the socks, shoes and accessories.) are from second-hand stores ! And if the costs of the individual piece were to be added up, the total would be around €13 - cue happy llama dance. The skirt is the most recent buy and its crazy  that the original cost (the tag was still attached.) was forty pounds ! Its so pink and shiny, appearing similar to something out of a musical set in the 60s perhaps ? The pleats also follow when one twirls and although I was a little unsure as to whether or not it was too eclectic or in your face, but then I had a "why not" moment, imagining all the t-shirts and jumpers I could pair the piece with. Brownie points since on this occasion, I did not begin singing "Be My Baby" to the poor piece of material, when in the changing rooms. Also ! Wearing ! Black ! Lipstick ! I am slowly bringing Halloween influences into my life as Monday approaches.

Look at how colourful all of the leaves are ! I cannot stop staring down at the fallen leaves and up at those remaining on branches - it is a wonder I can walk without stumbling into someone or over myself ! It is going to become a must for me to visit the woods before the week is out, in order to snap nature in its most colourful state, left, right and centre. Come to think of it, a visit to the woods could make quite an interesting trip on October 31st itself. 

On a final note, I do not spend enough time with Plum and Truffle - let alone take enough photographs of the two - as I used to and I really miss it so I've been taking the camera out to the back a little more often to in an attempt to see them more. However, every time we acquire new hens, they turn out more evil than the previous pair (something we never expect.) and as the last ones - one of which is still well and alive - and their predecessors, Patsy and Edina (yes, they are named after Ab Fab characters.) are terrifying. One tried to eat the hairs off my ankle the other day ! Its another chapter in the hen horror story.

Grace x

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Late in the Month

Currently listening to : All We Do | Fell In Love With a Girl | Suffragette City | Girl From Mars

I have initiated the Halloween-inspired photo spam ! Really, it is yet to occur to me that the weeks have crept up, bringing Halloween in four days and November in five. Since our first terms has been extra long this year - nine weeks - my mind is convinced that we are still only going through the beginning of the month. So that has resulted in me being severely behind on portfolio (I mean, I haven't even started.), behind on my mental list of films and television shows to watch, music to listen to and books to read, as well as having nothing prepared and no plans whatsoever for Halloween. Sixth Year is life ruining and I want to go for a nap !

Currently in my life, I am enjoying a day of 'independent study' and crisis after crisis over portfolio whilst the ASTI have their strike. I also went on a music trip to one of the pre-operas in Wexford. The opera itself was meant to be depressing - or at least I interpreted it as that - and although the singing was incredible, we all ended up being immature and a little too amused by the wailing in harmony, the stroking of the dead man's leg and the slapping of the dead man's chest. All too funny for all the wrong reasons. I also began to realise that day that I have become even worse at processing emotions (very Asperger's.) and maintaining conversation (very Aspergers.) and speaking freely about my interests (so not Asperger's ! Aren't I supposed to be driving everyone crazy due to constantly discussing things in detail ? Oh wait, Gilmore Girls ... STILL !). So I have resumed writing as a technique of coping with or processing all these kind of things, however its not really working, notably since I lack the motivation to put any kind of ideas to paper so we may be a while waiting for the pen to begin writing itself.

Also, the music I am currently listening to is all because of Gilmore Girls. I am finally listening to David Bowie and Björk  ! Why has taken me until now when I watch a television show full of pop culture references to listen to Bowie and Björk ! And Ramones. Also, P.J Harvey. As you can tell, television shows, school work and portfolio are all going to be taking up my so-called undivided time over mid-term and choosing how many hours of the day to give to each could be compared to choosing between your children if you're into that sort of thing. 

Grace x

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Currently listening to : Violet | I Wanna Be Sedated

I am in both my green coat and a new pair of tights. It is officially winter. These days I prefer shopping in second-hand stores , however what other choice does one have but the high street when it comes to tights ! This pair are from Penneys - as are most of the tights I own due to the cosiness and comfort - and they're so cute and ribbed, I had to maintain a great deal of self-control in order to avoid buying a pair in every colour ! The white t-shirt over the pink top combination is inspired by this look from a scene in 'Its Kind of a Funny Story'. I'm yet to get around to actually watching this film but every time I see photos of that scene on Facebook, it reminds me to both look up the film, as well as somehow recreate the style. Also, the boots used to belong to my brother. I reluctantly wore them on the Galway trip (which my brother is actually currently on.) two years ago and then I took a shine to them a month ago when my friends and I visited the woods. I do feel a combination of an adventurous little kid and a full-of-angst sixteen year old in this outfit.

My weekend has been pretty nonchalant, although I did cry over stupid scenarios and Gilmore Girls for three hours, eat pancakes in a coffee shop, buy cute clothes in a charity shop, bump into friends, meet somebody I only knew from the Internet and take photographs during golden hour ! Nowhere in that list refers to schoolwork but I swear that I have completed near to four hours so far today !

Grace x

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Currently listening to : One Line

Yesterday's outfit had me feeling similar to a bohemian pixie ! All the floral, the off-the-shoulder style, the loose fitting pieces - quite ideal for this time of year when the temperatures are bobbing up and down more often than a yo-yo. It would take me to become fond of wearing off-the-shoulder tops only just as we approach winter. In Ireland. Where's my sarcastic little round of applause ? If there is more reason for an ironic round of applause, look how much I tried not to wear all black again ! On a side note, I spend seven euros on a NYX black lip liner in Boots yesterday. I have been feeling guilty ever since so the plan is to begin my lifetime of getting so much use out of it by wearing it on the day that yearbook photos are taken. And perhaps also in my sleep. The latter was also sarcasm.

These posts are beginning to resemble small talk since my brain is fried due to seanfhocail and random sraith pictiur phrases taking up permanent residence in my train of thought, Section B and H of Gerald Barry's Piano String Quartet killing my brain cells by playing over and over again in mind and finding too many similarities between every foreign language I take. Did I mention that the overtime my brain is working to develop ideas for portfolio ? 

I started a new journal the other day and I am so so ecstatic due to the outcome of the cover ! Considering it was so minute and I have barely any spare time anymore, I combined most of the images - almost all are originally derived from Tumblr - from a mood board-type collage which I had made for my art project. Screencaps include scenes from Dazed and Confused, Some Kind of Wonderful, Skins and Dazed and Confused once again. The colour scheme reminds me of toasted cheese sandwiches or grilled cheese, whichever you prefer. And the kind in which there is also ketchup !

Another week begins ! Only two more until mid-term,

Grace x

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Taking Time

Currently listening to : Haxel Princess

The weather is so gorgeous at this time of year - I am going to turn into mush ! The highlight of October has to always be the silver beach in the glow of golden hour, surrounded by it's falling leaves. Because of packed weekdays and weekends due to Sixth Year and an occasional social life ( ?) I have had barely anytime on my hands to go out and take proper photos of the autumnal weather, however the other night I had to take a prolonged dinner break from the books to explore !

Breaks from the books are so important, not just to avoid losing sanity but also to speed up productivity because of the clear mind gained from that break - especially when the time out involves the outdoors. I am a true procrastinator so ridiculously prolonged breaks have always been a part of my study routine but now more than ever, do I find myself taking every opportunity to leave my room or even the house, when it arises ! 

I don't have a lot to write today since my brain is unfortunately filled with Sraithpictiur phrases which therefore, results in me constantly thinking as Gaeilge. And then I begin jumbling French and Japanese sentences. I also began watching Gilmore Girls on Saturday and insist on watching at least one episode each day because clearly my priorities are in order. This is problematic.

Grace x

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Currently listening to : Wasting My Young Years | Childhood | Waiting Game | Beggin for Thread

On Saturday, I went out with friends for yet another eighteenth ! Its one of the strangest experiences on a Monday, listening to my friends who have officially reached the age of 'adulthood' (the adjective 'adult' is questionable.) speak of their nights out that weekend. For a lot in my year, that kind of thing is unlikely to be out of the ordinary but I'm just sitting there listening like "since when did this all happen ?!". So after school, I proceeded to deter myself from acknowledging the existence of Sixth Year by putting up Halloween decorations. I'll never be ready to 'adult' - it was a pain not to go out on Saturday with specks of glitter dotted over my cheeks ! Besides the whole fright as to the fact that all my friends - and in another few months, myself included - are turning eighteen, Saturday was a brilliant evening. I love the nighttime, mainly since its full of paradoxes - an atmosphere that's peaceful but very much alive, the streetlights in front of the dark sky, its amazing !

I felt so comfortable in my outfit on Saturday which was quite a surprise considering that it consisted of tights, a mini skirt and off-the-shoulder top ! The colour scheme also turned out suprisingly well. I didn't intend for there to be a theme of green, however that is how things developed. Basically in love with all the colours and textures plus the coat made me feel very sophisticated ! On a final note, my platform boots defied me ! For the first time ever, my feet were dying the entire following day and I felt betrayed ! In fairness though, there was some kind of jewel-style sticker stuck to under my foot plus I went down a steep-ish hill which was probably a bad idea. Oops.

Grace x

Sunday, 9 October 2016

September Playlist

I have being procrastinating on this post for over a week so now may be a decent time to write it. I listened to such a copious amount of music in September, it is ridiculous. Especially since I had little to no access to the Internet for two weeks plus I've been busy. I don't know where to begin and I mightn't get around to writing about every artist or song ! It seems to have been such a long month because of all the music I listened to, however we may start somewhere. Preferably, dealing with Closer first. Just to clear that it is here since it is basically all I heard in school every morning for the majority of the month. All the confusion over the lyrics. And the repetition of the lyrics once they were learned. Please, never again.

Beach House receives at least a paragraph of their own as I have been listening to so much of their music ! I initially listened to some of their stuff back in May but somehow, I rediscovered them at the beginning of September and I am so in love ! Their music is so soothing and magical, the kind that makes one feel either overwhelmingly content or sad depending on one's mood beforehand and the duration of time one spends listening. I genuinely feel as if I am being transported to a different universe every time I listen to any of their songs and everything is so so enchanting and beautiful, I just melt ! Because of those aspects, their music comes across - to me, at least - as a little eery or uneasy too, but its fascinating. My friend compared 'All The Years' to classical music and then I started sobbing on the bloody bus to Higher Options listening to it (luckily, nobody noticed or else that would have been difficult to explain.). Its so calming and magical, yet again, seems a little eery to me. Definitely one of my favourite songs. I also cannot decide on which I love more - the music or video of 'Master of None' ! Also 'White Moon' is really really great ! Its returned to being stuck in my head on and off for the past week or so.

I was also listening to lots of Aurora's music again this month, notably 'Awakening' and 'Silhouettes'. Similar to Beach House, her music and lyrics are beautifully enchanting so I love listening to any song of hers since it will always leaves me feeling a little more creative or inspired. Songs which made me feel silly and great during September include 'Chili Town', 'Mixtape 2003', 'Communication Breakdown', 'Fire Walk with Me' and 'Capsize'. I have no idea why I haven't been listening to Hinds before now but they are so cool and on another planet, I just aspire to be them, really. Anything by Gang of Youths, particularly 'Magnolia' and 'Radioface' could be added to that list too. Their songs and music videos are bloody amazing and they almost create the whole 'yay im going to explode' feeling except I find that their songs can be slightly anti-climatic, although perhaps I am just over-critical and picky !

Finally, the ad for the 'Gemini Feed' music video - which is incredible, may I add - kept making appearances on YouTube and then I heard the track on the radio so now I am hooked listening to Banks all over again - ten out of ten recommend, I love her music so much. 'Knife' is another song I listened to on repeat after recognising it from a beautiful scene from Skins and then 'Hero' kept playing in my head the whole time for too long after watching Boyhood multiple times. And finally, part two of 'why have I not being listening to them before now'. Bombay Bicycle Club. Particularly, 'Luna'. Oh my gosh. Where has this song been hiding from me ! I adore it - if its new to you, then you need to listen to it !

Thank you or well done for getting through another monthly post of me fangirling over my favourite music !

Grace x