Sunday, 16 October 2016


Currently listening to : One Line

Yesterday's outfit had me feeling similar to a bohemian pixie ! All the floral, the off-the-shoulder style, the loose fitting pieces - quite ideal for this time of year when the temperatures are bobbing up and down more often than a yo-yo. It would take me to become fond of wearing off-the-shoulder tops only just as we approach winter. In Ireland. Where's my sarcastic little round of applause ? If there is more reason for an ironic round of applause, look how much I tried not to wear all black again ! On a side note, I spend seven euros on a NYX black lip liner in Boots yesterday. I have been feeling guilty ever since so the plan is to begin my lifetime of getting so much use out of it by wearing it on the day that yearbook photos are taken. And perhaps also in my sleep. The latter was also sarcasm.

These posts are beginning to resemble small talk since my brain is fried due to seanfhocail and random sraith pictiur phrases taking up permanent residence in my train of thought, Section B and H of Gerald Barry's Piano String Quartet killing my brain cells by playing over and over again in mind and finding too many similarities between every foreign language I take. Did I mention that the overtime my brain is working to develop ideas for portfolio ? 

I started a new journal the other day and I am so so ecstatic due to the outcome of the cover ! Considering it was so minute and I have barely any spare time anymore, I combined most of the images - almost all are originally derived from Tumblr - from a mood board-type collage which I had made for my art project. Screencaps include scenes from Dazed and Confused, Some Kind of Wonderful, Skins and Dazed and Confused once again. The colour scheme reminds me of toasted cheese sandwiches or grilled cheese, whichever you prefer. And the kind in which there is also ketchup !

Another week begins ! Only two more until mid-term,

Grace x


  1. Definitely a boho pixie kind of look....and I love it! It is always nice to start a new journal. Love the cover!

  2. These photos are amazing! They're like photos from an Autumn Lookbook. Are those huge pebbles? For a second I thought they were skulls!


    1. Awh thanks so much - they're mushrooms ^.^ !

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