Sunday, 23 October 2016


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I am in both my green coat and a new pair of tights. It is officially winter. These days I prefer shopping in second-hand stores , however what other choice does one have but the high street when it comes to tights ! This pair are from Penneys - as are most of the tights I own due to the cosiness and comfort - and they're so cute and ribbed, I had to maintain a great deal of self-control in order to avoid buying a pair in every colour ! The white t-shirt over the pink top combination is inspired by this look from a scene in 'Its Kind of a Funny Story'. I'm yet to get around to actually watching this film but every time I see photos of that scene on Facebook, it reminds me to both look up the film, as well as somehow recreate the style. Also, the boots used to belong to my brother. I reluctantly wore them on the Galway trip (which my brother is actually currently on.) two years ago and then I took a shine to them a month ago when my friends and I visited the woods. I do feel a combination of an adventurous little kid and a full-of-angst sixteen year old in this outfit.

My weekend has been pretty nonchalant, although I did cry over stupid scenarios and Gilmore Girls for three hours, eat pancakes in a coffee shop, buy cute clothes in a charity shop, bump into friends, meet somebody I only knew from the Internet and take photographs during golden hour ! Nowhere in that list refers to schoolwork but I swear that I have completed near to four hours so far today !

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