Thursday, 27 October 2016

Late in the Month

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I have initiated the Halloween-inspired photo spam ! Really, it is yet to occur to me that the weeks have crept up, bringing Halloween in four days and November in five. Since our first terms has been extra long this year - nine weeks - my mind is convinced that we are still only going through the beginning of the month. So that has resulted in me being severely behind on portfolio (I mean, I haven't even started.), behind on my mental list of films and television shows to watch, music to listen to and books to read, as well as having nothing prepared and no plans whatsoever for Halloween. Sixth Year is life ruining and I want to go for a nap !

Currently in my life, I am enjoying a day of 'independent study' and crisis after crisis over portfolio whilst the ASTI have their strike. I also went on a music trip to one of the pre-operas in Wexford. The opera itself was meant to be depressing - or at least I interpreted it as that - and although the singing was incredible, we all ended up being immature and a little too amused by the wailing in harmony, the stroking of the dead man's leg and the slapping of the dead man's chest. All too funny for all the wrong reasons. I also began to realise that day that I have become even worse at processing emotions (very Asperger's.) and maintaining conversation (very Aspergers.) and speaking freely about my interests (so not Asperger's ! Aren't I supposed to be driving everyone crazy due to constantly discussing things in detail ? Oh wait, Gilmore Girls ... STILL !). So I have resumed writing as a technique of coping with or processing all these kind of things, however its not really working, notably since I lack the motivation to put any kind of ideas to paper so we may be a while waiting for the pen to begin writing itself.

Also, the music I am currently listening to is all because of Gilmore Girls. I am finally listening to David Bowie and Björk  ! Why has taken me until now when I watch a television show full of pop culture references to listen to Bowie and Björk ! And Ramones. Also, P.J Harvey. As you can tell, television shows, school work and portfolio are all going to be taking up my so-called undivided time over mid-term and choosing how many hours of the day to give to each could be compared to choosing between your children if you're into that sort of thing. 

Grace x

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