Tuesday, 11 October 2016


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On Saturday, I went out with friends for yet another eighteenth ! Its one of the strangest experiences on a Monday, listening to my friends who have officially reached the age of 'adulthood' (the adjective 'adult' is questionable.) speak of their nights out that weekend. For a lot in my year, that kind of thing is unlikely to be out of the ordinary but I'm just sitting there listening like "since when did this all happen ?!". So after school, I proceeded to deter myself from acknowledging the existence of Sixth Year by putting up Halloween decorations. I'll never be ready to 'adult' - it was a pain not to go out on Saturday with specks of glitter dotted over my cheeks ! Besides the whole fright as to the fact that all my friends - and in another few months, myself included - are turning eighteen, Saturday was a brilliant evening. I love the nighttime, mainly since its full of paradoxes - an atmosphere that's peaceful but very much alive, the streetlights in front of the dark sky, its amazing !

I felt so comfortable in my outfit on Saturday which was quite a surprise considering that it consisted of tights, a mini skirt and off-the-shoulder top ! The colour scheme also turned out suprisingly well. I didn't intend for there to be a theme of green, however that is how things developed. Basically in love with all the colours and textures plus the coat made me feel very sophisticated ! On a final note, my platform boots defied me ! For the first time ever, my feet were dying the entire following day and I felt betrayed ! In fairness though, there was some kind of jewel-style sticker stuck to under my foot plus I went down a steep-ish hill which was probably a bad idea. Oops.

Grace x


  1. It can definitely be weird....realizing that you (and everyone around you) are becoming actual adults. According to the law, at least! Love this look by the way. The flower is the perfect touch!


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