Thursday, 13 October 2016

Taking Time

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The weather is so gorgeous at this time of year - I am going to turn into mush ! The highlight of October has to always be the silver beach in the glow of golden hour, surrounded by it's falling leaves. Because of packed weekdays and weekends due to Sixth Year and an occasional social life ( ?) I have had barely anytime on my hands to go out and take proper photos of the autumnal weather, however the other night I had to take a prolonged dinner break from the books to explore !

Breaks from the books are so important, not just to avoid losing sanity but also to speed up productivity because of the clear mind gained from that break - especially when the time out involves the outdoors. I am a true procrastinator so ridiculously prolonged breaks have always been a part of my study routine but now more than ever, do I find myself taking every opportunity to leave my room or even the house, when it arises ! 

I don't have a lot to write today since my brain is unfortunately filled with Sraithpictiur phrases which therefore, results in me constantly thinking as Gaeilge. And then I begin jumbling French and Japanese sentences. I also began watching Gilmore Girls on Saturday and insist on watching at least one episode each day because clearly my priorities are in order. This is problematic.

Grace x

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