Monday, 28 November 2016

Bittersweet Sky

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On Saturday, I thought I ventured out several times from the afternoon onwards in an attempt to clear my cold a little or at least distract myself from the reality of having one, since it was way too warm and stuffy inside. Side note; lying in the grass and leaves in order to achieve a decent angle of a photograph is really only inviting your cough and runny nose to disimprove. I really don't need to be reminded of my stupidity from here on out. Anyhow, following that bout of impulsiveness, I went into town to meet friends for the turning on of Christmas lights. It was going to be bloody freezing so I did add a scarf after this - I do use that brain inside my head, I swear ! I think I found these shorts in a charity shop over mid-term, if not afterwards. I don't really own a pair of shorts which either fit or feel comfortable on me (curse my younger self for buying all the pretty eccentric shorts in the kids' section.) right now so when it became apparent that this pair was loose-fitting and made me feel half-decent upon looking in the mirror there was internal screaming. Another plus - matches my red hat.

Also over the weekend - Gilmore Girls revival ! I apologise if I spoil anything here but oh my gosh ! What can I even say ! I am all on for the portrayal of flawed protagonists ! All on for cliche plotlines ! All on for the illustration of the ever-improving and maturing relationships between the likes of Lorelai and Emily or Jess and Luke. As for the ending ... On the outer layer, there seems to be such a need for more episodes, so many new unanswered questions have come about. However. Delve in a few layers deeper and it can be found that those questions are very answerable by the viewer theirself. The storylines have come full circle. And yes, its cliche and predictable to the point where anyone could probably create any possible future plots and be proved correct if Amy and Daniel Sherman-Palladino were to write any future series. But its nice in a way and very fitting. And perhaps I have watched too many Richard Linklater films thus leading me to become accustomed to enjoying seemingly mundane, everyday ordinary life-depicting storylines and scenes which although, having a credible destination, are sometimes overlooked due to the lack of dramatisation. I mean, there was no climax in those films, there didn't need to be since it all just happened.

 So in summery, so many people were disappointed since the revival was bigged up in a way to be something it wasn't. And there's not problem with that. Unless you are one of the many who had hoped for a tight  ongoing plotline featuring a climax and resolution or two ideal desirable protagonists who had grown to have learned from, and therefore removed, their flaws. However airy fairy and unrealistic Stars Hollow and the Gilmores' eating habits may be, the storylines, relationships and characteristics portrayed and developed in that programme have always been very realistic. It would not have made sense to carry out the revival in any other way.

Grace x


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Fifteen Plus a Half

One of my favourite things to look forward to during the week is late Saturday afternoon, a time I always allocate especially to taking photographs of anything outside that catches my eye. Last weeks' findings, pictured above, began with an urge as always to play a younger version of myself. I think I'm supposed to be fifteen and a half years old here. It began with having a Capri Sun (I had left-overs from Galway.) one afternoon and coming to the conclusion that they never taste as good at home as they do when away on a trip. Then I thought of the interesting, youthful images which could be created from the combination of juice cartoons and lip product stains, however it didn't exact turn out as hoped due to insecurities surrounding my chin ! Three sarcastic chairs for body image ! Yes, that 'chairs' is supposed to read as 'cheers' but I typed it in accidentally and now wish to keep it since its amusing me. After thinking of that idea, I had taken out lip glosses which a friend had given to me last Christmas (I am yet to use them since I am awful. Oops.) and the shiny gold which they rested on in the packaging was so festive and gorgeous, I could imagine how amazing it would look, stained with lipstick marks. Linking that back to the 'fifteen and a half years old' influence, I used constantly to blot my lipstick with a dressing gown between the ages of fifteen and sixteen. And the pens are my latest favourite stationary and the colours just looked well with the lipstick stains, ditto the tarot card-style cut-out from Rookie Magazine so there we go.

On a final note, look at how adorable Plum and Truffle are !
Turning on of Christmas lights time !

Grace x

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


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Do I belong in the nineties when wearing this outfit ? Or is it the seventies ? Or maybe even the noughties ? I am confusing all the decades, the fashion of which influences every piece of clothing I buy. They all share similarities which, in this case, probably originate in the seventies - leaving out the style of beanie, perhaps - so there we go, I can stop rambling on that topic now. I'd swear that this top is all I've worn lately ! I found it in a second-hand shop the weekend before mid-term and ever since, I take every opportunity to get use out of it because it is so ridiculously pretty !

I would have written a lot more tonight and I know I always say that, however, this evening I spent a half an hour on English homework writing a two-page-long dialogue, which was supposed to be a three hundred word-long diary entry. So then I was overcome with exhaustion and between that, deciding on which French exam paper comprehension to attempt next, an online conversation with a friend in which I was still in my fast-paced thinking mindset; I was - and still am - likely to drop asleep sooner or later, hence the break from revision to relax, whilst using my laptop. I also have until Friday to finish season seven, the final season, of Gilmore Girls which is not as amazing as the seasons it followed due to the absence of Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer and creator. Hence the decreased speed in dialogue and sometimes, almost vaguely planned, and therefore seemingly bizarre, storylines.

Nevertheless, I could not be more excited for the four-episode, six hour-long revival which air on Friday !

Grace x

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rising Wintertime

Its been bloody freezing cold this week and on Monday, wherever I went, it seemed as if the heaters had gone on strike ! The bright side of accessorising with almost-purple hands all day was the beautiful blue skies and winter sunshine that came with such arctic weather. I have been in a rut concerning props lately. I decided to give bubbles in hand accompanied by glitter writing on my face another go and whilst the glitter aspect was a slight success, taking photos of bubbles sans self-timer (my neighbours were outside and the self-timer is loud and strange-sounding.) proved near impossible, hence the lack of photographic evidence. Whilst nature is beautiful and I am lucky to live somewhere surrounding by that beautiful nature, I don't travel to many outdoor spaces and when I do, mam's camera is often not in tow since I'd be visiting with friends. As a result, my photos generally end up appearing as replicas of each other, all very familiar so I try to very my sets by adding manmade subjects - humans or often feminine motifs.

Also went on a mini length rant on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon which couldn't be prolonged since a full-length essay would appear as attention seeking, it would be unnecessarily long and also, I would end up being overwhelmed having to actually process everything, let alone put it into words ! Its here but I took the Kinsey scale test (I was bored and the subject was niggling at me !) only to spend the next half an hour overthinking the result (which was half-expected.) as to whether it was due to having Asperger's and being a late bloomer or having Asperger's and taking medication. In the opinion of some, this may seem a little too much 'over-sharing' for the Internet. But I wouldn't tend to agree, a more detailed rant would tend to be written into a private journal, etc. of course, but I don't see much of a problem with discussing these kinds of matters ! I am almost an over-dramatic, processing-delayed, almost-adult teenage girl ! If this was written in the early noughties, I would probably end the paragraph with 'whatever'.

Grace x

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy very belated Halloween ! I am growing more and more frustrated each day by how creatively stiff I am these latter days where writing, photography, etc. is concerned, hence the delay in this post. I still probably don't have the words pieced together outside of my brain. This Halloween was a first in many aspects, considering that I never got around to practicing makeup (unless the morning of the thirty-first counts ?) and it was also the first time (excluding twelve or so years ago when Halloween was spent at our grandparents'.) that I spent Halloween night away from home ! I had never previously spent Halloween at a house where kids actually come by, trick or treating so it was more than a novelty to see all the parents and little kids walking by and ringing the doorbell, all dressed up - I felt as if I was watching some American sitcom - although there were very few trick-or-treaters ! My friend also baked cupcakes consisting of half-cupcake mixture and half-brownie mixture (I envy her abilities !) whilst we listening to Panic ! At The Disco, The Runaways and My Chemical Romance so I just sat there having simultaneously having too much fun but feeling pretty unproductive or unhelpful !

As every other year, I wore the same black dress and fake blood tears. This year I also had black lipliner and bunny ears in tow so dad suggested that I go as roadkill. Something which strikes one as quite ironic considering the animal product-less diet I eat. Anyhow, 'roadkill' is how I went, accompanied by my cat-eared, whisker-wearing friends.

Also, this month's playlist ! Yay ! I am way too tired and fed up to write so maybe I'll update this another day when I can find the motivation to do so. Beach House's 'Childhood' is beautiful though.

Grace x