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On Saturday, I thought I ventured out several times from the afternoon onwards in an attempt to clear my cold a little or at least distract myself from the reality of having one, since it was way too warm and stuffy inside. Side note; lying in the grass and leaves in order to achieve a decent angle of a photograph is really only inviting your cough and runny nose to disimprove. I really don't need to be reminded of my stupidity from here on out. Anyhow, following that bout of impulsiveness, I went into town to meet friends for the turning on of Christmas lights. It was going to be bloody freezing so I did add a scarf after this - I do use that brain inside my head, I swear ! I think I found these shorts in a charity shop over mid-term, if not afterwards. I don't really own a pair of shorts which either fit or feel comfortable on me (curse my younger self for buying all the pretty eccentric shorts in the kids' section.) right now so when it became apparent that this pair was loose-fitting and made me feel half-decent upon looking in the mirror there was internal screaming. Another plus - matches my red hat.

Also over the weekend - Gilmore Girls revival ! I apologise if I spoil anything here but oh my gosh ! What can I even say ! I am all on for the portrayal of flawed protagonists ! All on for cliche plotlines ! All on for the illustration of the ever-improving and maturing relationships between the likes of Lorelai and Emily or Jess and Luke. As for the ending ... On the outer layer, there seems to be such a need for more episodes, so many new unanswered questions have come about. However. Delve in a few layers deeper and it can be found that those questions are very answerable by the viewer theirself. The storylines have come full circle. And yes, its cliche and predictable to the point where anyone could probably create any possible future plots and be proved correct if Amy and Daniel Sherman-Palladino were to write any future series. But its nice in a way and very fitting. And perhaps I have watched too many Richard Linklater films thus leading me to become accustomed to enjoying seemingly mundane, everyday ordinary life-depicting storylines and scenes which although, having a credible destination, are sometimes overlooked due to the lack of dramatisation. I mean, there was no climax in those films, there didn't need to be since it all just happened.

 So in summery, so many people were disappointed since the revival was bigged up in a way to be something it wasn't. And there's not problem with that. Unless you are one of the many who had hoped for a tight  ongoing plotline featuring a climax and resolution or two ideal desirable protagonists who had grown to have learned from, and therefore removed, their flaws. However airy fairy and unrealistic Stars Hollow and the Gilmores' eating habits may be, the storylines, relationships and characteristics portrayed and developed in that programme have always been very realistic. It would not have made sense to carry out the revival in any other way.

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