Saturday, 26 November 2016

Fifteen Plus a Half

One of my favourite things to look forward to during the week is late Saturday afternoon, a time I always allocate especially to taking photographs of anything outside that catches my eye. Last weeks' findings, pictured above, began with an urge as always to play a younger version of myself. I think I'm supposed to be fifteen and a half years old here. It began with having a Capri Sun (I had left-overs from Galway.) one afternoon and coming to the conclusion that they never taste as good at home as they do when away on a trip. Then I thought of the interesting, youthful images which could be created from the combination of juice cartoons and lip product stains, however it didn't exact turn out as hoped due to insecurities surrounding my chin ! Three sarcastic chairs for body image ! Yes, that 'chairs' is supposed to read as 'cheers' but I typed it in accidentally and now wish to keep it since its amusing me. After thinking of that idea, I had taken out lip glosses which a friend had given to me last Christmas (I am yet to use them since I am awful. Oops.) and the shiny gold which they rested on in the packaging was so festive and gorgeous, I could imagine how amazing it would look, stained with lipstick marks. Linking that back to the 'fifteen and a half years old' influence, I used constantly to blot my lipstick with a dressing gown between the ages of fifteen and sixteen. And the pens are my latest favourite stationary and the colours just looked well with the lipstick stains, ditto the tarot card-style cut-out from Rookie Magazine so there we go.

On a final note, look at how adorable Plum and Truffle are !
Turning on of Christmas lights time !

Grace x


  1. This is a very lovely photo post. I always enjoy looking at your photos because you definitely have a talent!

    Christina Madeleine//


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