Wednesday, 23 November 2016


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Do I belong in the nineties when wearing this outfit ? Or is it the seventies ? Or maybe even the noughties ? I am confusing all the decades, the fashion of which influences every piece of clothing I buy. They all share similarities which, in this case, probably originate in the seventies - leaving out the style of beanie, perhaps - so there we go, I can stop rambling on that topic now. I'd swear that this top is all I've worn lately ! I found it in a second-hand shop the weekend before mid-term and ever since, I take every opportunity to get use out of it because it is so ridiculously pretty !

I would have written a lot more tonight and I know I always say that, however, this evening I spent a half an hour on English homework writing a two-page-long dialogue, which was supposed to be a three hundred word-long diary entry. So then I was overcome with exhaustion and between that, deciding on which French exam paper comprehension to attempt next, an online conversation with a friend in which I was still in my fast-paced thinking mindset; I was - and still am - likely to drop asleep sooner or later, hence the break from revision to relax, whilst using my laptop. I also have until Friday to finish season seven, the final season, of Gilmore Girls which is not as amazing as the seasons it followed due to the absence of Amy Sherman-Palladino, the writer and creator. Hence the decreased speed in dialogue and sometimes, almost vaguely planned, and therefore seemingly bizarre, storylines.

Nevertheless, I could not be more excited for the four-episode, six hour-long revival which air on Friday !

Grace x

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