Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy very belated Halloween ! I am growing more and more frustrated each day by how creatively stiff I am these latter days where writing, photography, etc. is concerned, hence the delay in this post. I still probably don't have the words pieced together outside of my brain. This Halloween was a first in many aspects, considering that I never got around to practicing makeup (unless the morning of the thirty-first counts ?) and it was also the first time (excluding twelve or so years ago when Halloween was spent at our grandparents'.) that I spent Halloween night away from home ! I had never previously spent Halloween at a house where kids actually come by, trick or treating so it was more than a novelty to see all the parents and little kids walking by and ringing the doorbell, all dressed up - I felt as if I was watching some American sitcom - although there were very few trick-or-treaters ! My friend also baked cupcakes consisting of half-cupcake mixture and half-brownie mixture (I envy her abilities !) whilst we listening to Panic ! At The Disco, The Runaways and My Chemical Romance so I just sat there having simultaneously having too much fun but feeling pretty unproductive or unhelpful !

As every other year, I wore the same black dress and fake blood tears. This year I also had black lipliner and bunny ears in tow so dad suggested that I go as roadkill. Something which strikes one as quite ironic considering the animal product-less diet I eat. Anyhow, 'roadkill' is how I went, accompanied by my cat-eared, whisker-wearing friends.

Also, this month's playlist ! Yay ! I am way too tired and fed up to write so maybe I'll update this another day when I can find the motivation to do so. Beach House's 'Childhood' is beautiful though.

Grace x 


  1. Your makeup is so cool, Grace! Lovely post! x


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