Thursday, 10 November 2016

Rising Wintertime

Its been bloody freezing cold this week and on Monday, wherever I went, it seemed as if the heaters had gone on strike ! The bright side of accessorising with almost-purple hands all day was the beautiful blue skies and winter sunshine that came with such arctic weather. I have been in a rut concerning props lately. I decided to give bubbles in hand accompanied by glitter writing on my face another go and whilst the glitter aspect was a slight success, taking photos of bubbles sans self-timer (my neighbours were outside and the self-timer is loud and strange-sounding.) proved near impossible, hence the lack of photographic evidence. Whilst nature is beautiful and I am lucky to live somewhere surrounding by that beautiful nature, I don't travel to many outdoor spaces and when I do, mam's camera is often not in tow since I'd be visiting with friends. As a result, my photos generally end up appearing as replicas of each other, all very familiar so I try to very my sets by adding manmade subjects - humans or often feminine motifs.

Also went on a mini length rant on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon which couldn't be prolonged since a full-length essay would appear as attention seeking, it would be unnecessarily long and also, I would end up being overwhelmed having to actually process everything, let alone put it into words ! Its here but I took the Kinsey scale test (I was bored and the subject was niggling at me !) only to spend the next half an hour overthinking the result (which was half-expected.) as to whether it was due to having Asperger's and being a late bloomer or having Asperger's and taking medication. In the opinion of some, this may seem a little too much 'over-sharing' for the Internet. But I wouldn't tend to agree, a more detailed rant would tend to be written into a private journal, etc. of course, but I don't see much of a problem with discussing these kinds of matters ! I am almost an over-dramatic, processing-delayed, almost-adult teenage girl ! If this was written in the early noughties, I would probably end the paragraph with 'whatever'.

Grace x

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