Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Afternoon Glow

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These photos are a little different to the ind I usually take so I'm unsure of how I feel regarding them but here we are anyway. I'm trying to slowly creep festive subjects into my photos although its not entirely going to plan. Sunday's attempt (above.) included a Christmas star that I usually leave on a shelf in my room but thought it would add a more enchanting effect to the mushroom photos. Cue bad-angled shots and a soiled star. I've also been playing around further with the white balance settings on mam's camera. I love how the various fluorescent modes used for this set cultivate a kind of old-feel, as if they were taken on a film camera.

Speaking of film cameras ... On Saturday, I went to Dublin to look around an open day. Not only did I find the most amazing coffee shop (they have heaters outside, the coffee is affordable, I see the crepes as hats.) but I also went into the Camera Centre about my film camera and they untightened the contact, thus it finally works !  Then, I spent the rest of the day with shaking hands due to overexcitement in addition to coffee and maple syrup overload. Why can't sugar and I be friends ?

I've just finished watching episode two of This Is Us by yelling "No no no ohmygosh no" at the telly. Another television show series to watch, another several weeks of my life - poof ! into thin air !

Also, this was supposed to be the post where I stop writing tripe ?

Grace x

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