Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas

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Happy belated-Christmas ! The last few days have been spent by practically permanently attaching a beret to my head, eating so many olives that I may turn into one and watching too many annually-repeated television shows and films. Thanks to mam's bubble and squeak (mashed together Christmas dinner remains.) I have actually managed to incorporate the food pyramid into my day however, my current diet is still unfamiliar and disastrous. These are the times when one needs a large-sized appetite or at least the ability to temporarily adjust to one.

Christmas Day itself was one of the best that I can remember. From the food to the television (CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD THAT EASTENDERS EPISODE WAS ?) to the look on all of my family's faces upon receiving their gifts, it was so great ! Of course, Christmas is not generally as special nor magical for one post-early childhood however, it is still such a warm and traditional kind of celebration, it fascinates me. Whilst discussing tradition, I must mention how adorable the rabbits' annual Christmas day visit to the indoors was ! Between Truffle posing in front of the camera and Plum being clearly bemused by this year's Christmas film choice of Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, they were both so so cute ! And then there was the arrival of a lone wasp as we brought the two bunnies back outside. A wasp. On the twenty-fifth. Of December.

The photos above are from our St. Stephen's Day walk by the seaside. I never got around to posting over the duration of the final build-up to Christmas due to not only being way too exhausted to think let alone type, but my roll of film failing to develop ! Since then, I have had lots of time to practice photography and writing, although I am currently using my mam's laptop on which photos appear slightly grainy when uploaded but nevertheless !

Here's hoping you and yours are having a lovely, relaxed holiday,

Grace x


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