Thursday, 1 December 2016

November Playlist

Happy December the First ! I am probably not going to shut up about it being the festive season, the end of the year approaching plus the sentimentality that this is the last Christmas in second-level education, however, I do have Sixth Year to keep myself grounded from becoming both over-excited and anxious. Swiftly changing topics, there's a funny story to the notepad pages pictured above. I was searching for objects from when I was younger when I found one of these cute little notepads that I used to get in my Christmas stocking. In this particular one, I had created a kind of cartoon-style in which the story moved as the pages did - a kind of flipbook ? In this one, anyhow, younger Grace decided to dish out her relationship advice which was - may I add - not from personal experience, but, most probably, television shows. Things still haven't changed. The 'stoopid' page also.

I got into The Runaways' music so much this month ! I've enjoyed their music for so long but this month it was on another level, beginning when I began playing random songs of theirs' at my friend's for Halloween where 'Saturday Night Special' became my new favourite. 'I Love Playin' with Fire' is another great jam. 'White Icing' reminds me so much of songs - especially jazzy Christmas music - from the seventies and its so funky but chill, I love it ! A brief mention to the retro vibes I listened to at the end of the month in 'Above Us'. But .... Oh my gosh. How have I not listened to the brilliance that is Stevie Nick's voice before now ? 'Edge of Seventeen' was stuck in my head all last week and I love it so much that I couldn't complain when the chorus was the first thing that I heard in my head each morning !

The final five songs I have yet to discuss were listened to on the school trip I went on, which I will probably write about in a post very soon, once my roll of film is developed ! 'Cold Water' was not one of the main songs listened to, however it was playing on the way back from an activity and not only was it so catchy, but Mo's voice is so unique, the kind that forces you to listen, that it was stuck in my head for the rest of the trip. I really cannot believe that I enjoyed a song featuring Justin Bieber this month, let alone admitted to the deed. I really don't know how to describe the other songs. They're so so intricately beautiful, mystic and fascinating anyway, it doesn't really help that I have even more of an attachment to them after dancing in the rain to them on the last day. In hindsight, the latter was a pretty bad idea.

If you listen to any song off this playlist, it needs to be '10 Mile Stereo' ! Beach House's music is always so magical anyway but I swear, this is so alluringly enchanting and I felt as if I was in another world every time I listened to it. Next to that, in terms of exquisitiveness, is 'No Care'. Daughter's voice and lyrics are so haunting, but in a mesmeric kind of way, and its the kind of song that you could suit any mood, its just amazing ! When listening, I always imagined myself as a stitched up, stuffed puppet doll with yellow strands of wool for hair. So following that, I would twirl around but it was more likeable to 'flailing' as the lyrics in the song describe. 'Whites Not My Colour This Evening' is completely different, being of angsty, energetic vibes. It screams a kind of 'unconventional' anthymn, I'm probably looking into it too much, but it always looked like a spirited, powerful march with bright yellow, pink, blue, white and green paint flying everywhere when I heard it. The bassline makes one feel as if they're about to go into battle ! Finally, 'Teenage Lobotomy' is another energetic, angsty one. A little shorter, but nevertheless, as great and catchy plus, one can dance wildly to it. Or yell out each lyric. I only did the wild dancing. Swear. No sarcasm this time.

Grace x

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