Monday, 5 December 2016

Tomato Mustard

Currently listening to : 4U | I Just Want You To Go Away

Whilst writing this post, I've realised that my outfit is some kind of top-mustard, bottom-ketchup ensemble. I adore all these kind of colours, I don't even know if they suit me but they create such a distinctive look, I could never let it bother me ! As well as the matching condiment-like coloured garments, the whole t-shirt over jumper dress combination is surprisingly comfortable.

The days becoming alarmingly shorter and the arrival of Christmas exams, clashing together all at once, is some kind of really bad timing ! It semi-sucks never having enough hours in the day to take photos of the beautiful wintertime outside and the lack of photos that successfully developed from my disposable camera would put a downer on the week, creative-wise, too. First world problems aside, now is a good time to apologise for my stiffened use of English today. All I can compare it to is a winding tap that has been tightened a little too much or a rusted object. And the 'nails on the blackboard' kind of sound that follows. I may add to this another day - which I know never happens - but the aftermath of two-hour long art history, music and history exams is hitting both my imagination and speed of thought process.

Sixth Year, I want my brain back ! 

Grace x 

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