Sunday, 22 November 2015

November Sunset

Landscape photos today, as opposed to portrait ! I was taking a 'break' - that's if thirty minutes of distractions count - from studying this evening and the outdoors looked so amazing that I had to take both cameras outside ! The lighting on my camera - the one I use for videos - was a little odd so the clips that I filmed turned out very dark and spooky which practically made my evening because who ever said that spookiness ends on October 31st ? The final three aren't great quality as they're screenshots from the clips but they fascinated me, especially the view from the table so I had to include them here !

In other news, the Christmas lights in town were turned on this Friday just gone. I only had my phone with me so I didn't get any decent photos but it was such a brilliant evening, there was a great atmosphere around the town and the new lights looked lovely too - you can see photos on my Instagram here. Since then I have been revising because Christmas exams are next week ! Unanimous cheers, everybody ! No. I was actually so disappointed this morning, since my brain somehow convinced myself that the tests were starting tomorrow but no; there's another week and in most classes, we have begun new chapters too.

On the bright side though, the Toy Show is on this Friday ! Christmas is on it's way !

Grace x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beady Eyes

Dunnes coat | H&M top | Penneys dress and tights | Tesco boots

It feels a little strained writing this post since I haven't done in a week now and I definitely haven't put together an outfit post like this in over two weeks now. Although I have plenty of time during the week, even with schoolwork taken into account, I don't have enough of the type of ideas I want to write or talk about or photograph. And those little sparks that do circulate my brain never seem to materialise ! I really want to write more about topics I have an interest in - history, gender roles, interests like music and film, to name a few - and to also start making YouTube videos again about these topics too - I've been loving Savannah Brown, Dodie Clark and Hannah Witton who all create the most amazing content - and if you couldn't tell, I've regained interest in photography over the past month or two which I love so so much, except there's only so many photographs of bloody leaves that one can take and I really want to photograph actual humans or pretty lights ! On the bright side, I did get a lovely snap of nanny this evening, the scheme of colour tonality and soft focus very like the ones above, and most towns will be putting up their festive lights over the next few weeks so I'll be able to get tons photos of colourful lights very soon ! The leaf spam may turn into lights !

I'm pretty sure that I've already talked about my green coat on here but I may do a little update. It is still the best cosiest coat ever ! Okay, so maybe the coat has been leaning towards my bad books after I began wearing it to school and received more "festive" "Christmas tree" comparisions than my friend does when she wears my tinsel and fairy lights as a scarf in December (and we won't talk about the St. Patrick's Day attire comparisons.) but it's wooly and warm so that's all that matters ! I just love the obnoxious green colour of it so much, it reminds me a lot of the 60's and I can imagine how amazing it would look worn with a black top and a pair of black tapered trousers, which is where the idea of the black velvet top over the navy dress came from. 

The water and sand destroyed my boots at the beach for the third time this year and somehow the mashed grains are still comfortable to walk in !

Grace x 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Blue Friday

Fridays are usually the days when I come home from school exhausted and make a last minute decision not to go Spleodar (I swear I was planning on going !) and after a day of wishing the numerous tests would write themselves, my prep. drawings would complete themselves and the tin whistle would play itself, this Friday was no different. The week had actually begun with quite unusually mild weather for the beginning of November but that quickly turned into dreary rain by Thursday yet yesterday evening ended with some pretty sunshine so it comes no surprise that before I was even in the door from school, I was back out with the camera !

I had a few ideas for these photos - mainly kicking leaves or feet just kicking plain air - except I didn't really fancy setting up the tripod, especially having to fix it to a lower level, so I settled for holding the camera from weird angles on the grass, experimenting with the focus ! If you couldn't tell already, I'm finding the trees and blue skies really interesting to photograph at the moment but the spam will end soon ! I'll find something else ... hopefully. My nails are in one of the photos, only once since they all turned out bloody blurry after holding the camera with one hand. Anyway, they seem to have a bit of winter look to them - as if snow is falling in front out of fir trees - which is brilliant considering it's November, except when they end up creating a resemblance of Christmas so well done me for accidentally painting festive patterned nails once again !

I swear they won't be intentional until December 1st !

Grace x 

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Mam's dress | also mam's necklace | Penneys tights | Tesco boots

Halloween and Christmas would be competing for the title of my favourite 'holiday' and it would be a close call, although Halloween almost always wins ! I wasn't sure whether I was going to enjoy it this year but after two nights of celebrating spookiness (plot twist, Grace does occasionally have a social life.) it has been undoubtedly brilliant this year ! On Friday, I went to my friend's for the evening where we had lots of food and watched Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd (would have been creepier if they blood had actually looked real.) and Miranda, after we found the boxset ! Last night, two of my friends came over and like every other year, I destroyed their faces with fake blood and eyeliner and then we watched Mean Girls - almost every year there is always someone who hasn't seen it yet, like where have you been ? 

The weather was disastrous on Friday - I mean how much do I have to pay the rain to stay away - so I didn't get around to take any photos but it was pretty much the same outfit but with different makeup. I wasn't even going to bother going outside yesterday but then I saw the fog coming down and I just ran to my dressing table, like I've got this ! This year, I tried to create the appearance of a cracked doll around my right eye although I wasn't completely impressed how it turned out and then I finished it off with some fake blood - as usual, the makeup I did on my friends' faces was more technical than my own ! I wear this dress most years for Halloween, it's my mam's from years ago, and this year I paired it up with this mad pair of cobweb-like tights. There's no material on this pair, besides the stringy bits that create the appearance of cobwebs so you can imagine that they are an absolute curse to put on and even more so, the next day when you've forgotten to untangle them the night before ! 

So that's another Halloween over; it only dawned on me yesterday that it is no longer socially acceptable for me to go around wearing spooky makeup and clothing and taking creepy-vibed photos but it still doesn't mean I can't do it ! As predicted, the Christmas ads were all over the place first thing this morning and the shops are probably playing Christmas songs, although I can't really complain since we were playing a CD this afternoon ! 

I have school tomorrow. And my back is so sore that I am walking like an old woman. I wish it would be as funny as it sounds,

Grace x

Thursday, 29 October 2015

If You Visit The Woods Today ....


.... You'll meet an eejit running around with a pair of moth wings and a tripod, that's what ! 

There are now only two days left of this month of October and I needed another excuse to dress part-little autumn creature part-fancy dress and to throw fairy lights and pumpkin decorations everywhere, looking all eery. The original idea came about when I was listening to Out Of The Black - mentioned below - and I was thinking about how cool it would be to take a bunch of photos inspired by it, considering how all of Royal Blood's music videos are amazing ! Somehow, I imagined a little kid dressed up as a fairy, surrounded by colourful lights in the pitch dark and then there were shoes on railway sleepers and a few other images I can't remember - they were all doodled down anyway ! And as you can see, the above is what transpired. 

I haven't gone near these moth wings since Second Year - photos taken with them from this time are quite unfortunately hilarious - but I went rooting in my wardrobe for them today as they're the closest to fairy wings, then insisted on wearing them all afternoon and now, I am insisting on wearing them out tomorrow night (wow I sound like a sociable being.). They didn't even get caught in any tree branches this time - a personal achievement from my perspective - but the spider lights made up for that. You see, these beautiful yet irritating fairy lights, along with a skull set, have been looming over my bed during the past month. The bed is where I generally study, I sit back and guess who's hair continuously gets caught in purple, plastic eight-legged insects ? So today, for some odd reason, I thought it would be a good idea to wrap the set around my head, as if a halo was to be formed, and as the self-timer on my tripod beeped, more and more wasps came out of the woodwork - there were more out today than I've seen all summer, I swear ! You can guess how fast I ran when they started congregating around the tripod and then not one, but every individual bloody spider light got caught in my hair ! Fairy lights 102778 : 0 Grace. So, I reluctantly decided to view the situation as a way to pay homage to all the time over this past month that I have spent trying to take these feckers out of my hair when I could have been getting an extra few minutes of study in. 

The weather was even better today and as much as that was great, it didn't suit the tone I was going for with these photos, so the brightness has been slightly adjusted as to create a bit of darker look.

Wow, Grace actually managed to listen to more music this month, go me ! A lot of this is stuff I'd previously listened to but hadn't actually appreciated until now - like how did I ever dismiss Panic ! At The Disco ? I've also been listening to Melanie Martinez on repeat and tried to play 'Cake' on keyboard (right hand only because what is coordination.)  and then listened to lots of Royal Blood, generally 'Out of the Black' every day at lunchtime. Like I said previously, their music videos are crazy amazing - particularly all the tints in 'Figure It Out' ! I also began listening to Wolf Alice again - 'Blush' is a beautiful song with a beautiful music video - and then when listening to 'Adore' I find out that Jamine Thompson is fourteen years old, what the heck ! 'Northern Boy' by The Academic is another amazing song, I didn't like it at first but then I all of a sudden loved it once I heard it on the radio ? 'Soap' just spoke to me on another level altogether and after this, I found out that The Cure sing 'Boys Don't Cry', as well as a heap of other songs that I already loved !

And breath in, breath out because that was a mouthful, I apologise  !

I'd love to hear what your favourite songs have been this month so don't shy away from leaving a comment ! I'd also love to hear what or who you plan on dressing up as this October 31st. Halloween round one is tomorrow and all I know is that I'm wearing my trusty black velvet dress and these moth wings but I will have a post up over the weekend on whatever I decide to dress up as !

Talk soon,

Grace x 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

In a Blur

Penneys tank top and tights | New Look skirt | Dress worn underneath is either Dunnes or Penneys and v old | Tesco boots
Currently listening to : Soap // Boys Don't Cry

The weather and I generally tolerate each other very well, but on days like yesterday, it is an entirely different story altogether. Let's set the scene ... The weather is awful so I layer up and end up wearing an outfit I enjoy. Wears outfit out, minus makeup, face looks a bit half worn. Wants to take a photo of cute outfit. The weather is dreadful outside ! In the end, I did venture out and I don't know what horrified me more - the rain blurring the camera lens and quality or the level and noise of the wind under the trees. The latter being more terrifying, obviously. In the end, I found myself resorting to setting up the tripod in front of a set of curtains, even more of a non-ideal situation, but you get the gist of things ! 

I hadn't worn this grey dress nor the headband since Third Year - i.e two years ago - so I was leaping at the opportunity to put them together and be like "THIS IS HALLOWEEN NO BRIGHTS TO BE SEEN". The dress is a good few years old, meaning that it doesn't actually fit like a dress anymore, so I thought my velvet skirt would match the heart pattern and then, a bit of layering was being called for, which is where the black tank top worn back to front comes in ! The style seems a little ill-fitting for my liking but I was throwing a jacket over everything so it wasn't exactly going to bother me. 

Yesterday afternoon was spent between the shopping centre and Tesco - generally, anyone's average afternoon in town around here - and I finally found a bloody winter coat ! I've been wanting to find a wooly coat for yonks, there never seems to be a decent one anywhere, and then there was a gorgeous green sitting there on a rail in Dunnes ! Basically, it's my baby and I keep finding ways to incorporate it into every photo I take because the colour is so pretty, I feel like a child from the 60's in it ! In other events, I also went to the cinema with la famille last night to see Spectre which was brilliant, especially the ending. The most entertaining aspect of cinema visits, of course, is popping to the shops beforehand to buy snacks - cinema food is ridiculously expensive - and then having to hide it all in a big handbag. Last night, we saw someone with a multipack of crisps, I shit you not - a multipack !

Today was yet another day eating my bodyweight in food. The weather actually improved ever so slightly and I went to Penneys to buy a duvet and left with that and a set of multi-coloured fairy lights. One can never have enough fairy lights. Especially when they come in different colours and are inexpensive. I've also been frantically reading three books at once as the first draft of my RSR history essay is due in on Monday ! The RSR essay is worth 20% of the final History result in the Leaving Cert and it's basically where you choose a topic and you have to write a historic essay about it - not telling the story, but writing about it from a particular angle or something. As you can tell, I am still trying to get my head around it. I'm writing about how women's magazines and women's culture influenced each other during the post-war era and it's quite interesting yet disappointing how a lot of attitudes. such as the ones towards men and women's place in both the home and society, have not fully changed since the 1950's and that was sixty years ago ! Yes, a lot of change has been made, but I still feel that old-fashioned mindsets still lurk about. 

Halloween is in four days ! 

Grace x