Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Double Colour Graphic Eyeliner

I've lost count of the amount of times over the past month that I've said that I would do a post on colour graphic eyeliner and I finally got around to it ! Compared to previous times I've attempted filming this, I actually didn't end up accidentally dotting eye liner everywhere but my eye lid so I was literally doing very bad celebratory happy dances afterwards. 

As per usual blogspot won't let me insert the video for this look so you can click here to watch it and also read about it in the text below !

1. First I just applied some concealer on my lids and usually I'd use the Nyx Wonder Pencil except it was blunt while I was filming and as you know je suis si paressuse so I used Maybelline Fit Me concealer instead.

2. Then I put on some eye shadow and since this look is concentrated on the colourful eyeliner, I didn't want anything to distract from that so I applied the first four shades of the Catrice Nude eye shadow palette all over my lid and over my crease, etc. . I also applied the darkest shade to my lower lash line.

3. Onto the main aspect of this look - The eye liner ! I first applied a seriously thin line of black liquid eyeliner (like you can hardly see it - I wear more to school !) to my upper lash line using an Essence eyeliner pen and then for the coloured liner, you can use any kind of liner (pen, pencil, etc. .) but again I used a liquid liner in a coral shade above the original black line. It turned out thicker than usual but thankfully not to the point where it's covering the entire eye lid !

4. I then winged this out - outlining and filling in. After this, I went back to my black liner and used it to outline the wing to create more popping look. Finally, I finished both eyes off with some mascara.

So that is the finished look. Thank you so much for reading this post and I may or may not be back with another TY Thursday in two days ! In the meantime, best of luck to everyone getting back their Junior Cert results tomorrow - Lettuce hope we all get the results we're hoping for ! 

Grace x 

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